Monday, April 1, 2013

Tom and Jerry

So lets see what we can talk about today. So lets start with the most exciting parts of this week, today! Today was transfer calls . So this time it effects me. Elder O is going up to the honbu to be assistant, and I'm going to get a companion by the name of U-choro. He's a good guy, he was in my district last year and is probably a little more than a year into the mission. 8 people changing in the zone, 4 beans coming in. One set of missionaries "white-washing" (both will be new to the area) so lot happening in the zone. Other than that nothing too much exciting about transfers, kinda dont know whats going to happen to me after this transfer but as father loves to say, "theres going to be some changes around here" Two new district leaders will also cause this. Its going to be rough though honestly O-choro has been doing a lot of the work for the last 3 transfers. So lets see what else there is this week. This week was focused on lots of LAs(less active). Well at least thats where the majority of our success is. We were able to do a lesson with an LA that we havent been able to before. And our 20 year old that has hated the church his whole life made some progress this week. Maybe its the crazy person inside us that makes us want to work so hard for him but when someone tells you, "You will never become happy as a Mormon" it peaks your interest. So this week he took us to his house which was an important step. I feel like we were be friends in "real life" too. He's quite the nerd and the thing that got him to like us was doing riddles or mind exercises with him. Which brings me to my request. If anyone has simple but interesting puzzles like that send me an email and let me know, kinda how we get more appointments with him. But from there we talked about why we are here and how we think he's just misinformed so he thinks he will never be happy. O-choro went LA about the same time that he did and became active at about the age this guy is now so they were able to talk about that. Possibly the best LA lesson I have ever seen and I didnt do any of it. It always seems like doing the opposite of missionary things works the best. Complimenting a man's tattoos, telling an LA how much you hated church, lighting a man's cigarette. Very interesting. Also did super short splits with the assistants (2 hours) which basically consisted of one lesson and then chatting about the zone. It was interesting because it was E-choros previous investigator so led the discussion. The joint and I were just laughing the whole time. I think O-san put it best when at the end he explained the day's lesson as an episode of Tom and Jerry with E-choro as the cat and O-san as the mouse. I think it was really good for him though. We also visited with a referral that the assistants found and invited him to church. He is a Chinese guy and he knows very little Japanese. He just knows single words so that was way interesting but he came to church the next day because he sits down and then O-san comes later and as he sits down he is just eyeing K-san until I say, "Yes he's Chinese" and so he explained what was happening in church in Chinese to him. Its way interesting to talk to chinese people because when they dont understand you write it out and they can get the jist of it. Like we invited him to church but he couldnt figure out where we wanted him to go until we pulled off our name tag and pointed to the part that says church. So thats basically it for the week. Talk to you all later.