Monday, November 12, 2012

Zone training

Another week.  This week's key indicators were a little better but not what I had hoped for.  We had the "K"i family and the "T" referral that we wanted to teach and neither of those have moved forward at all so that was way depressing.  Oh well.  We live.  To be honest nothing really happened fun this week.  

We had zone training which is always an adventure of waking up way early, going to Morioka, having a meeting, then coming back.  6 plus hours of trains and then we went straight to a lesson so we didn't really even eat that day until 9:30.  Oh well. All part of the fun right!? 

There was a lot of housing this week.  Not a whole lot of success seen from that though.  We started eating the thanksgiving that you sent. Thanks for that again. Also made some of the cake for members but still.  You send too much food it goes to members and I'm prety sure it about kills them with sweetness. Welcome to America!!!  I brought the candy corn to zone meeting and our japanese zone leader ate some, got this sick look on his face and said, "Sato dake da yo" (Its only sugar!) I chuckled. Its true.  This may be my last full week in Yokote but yeah. Got made a mark with this last week!  Anyway. Today is a little short but time is short today so love you all. Bye.