Monday, January 28, 2013

Lots of splits

Hey family! Hows it going. Anyway. This week was way busy but actually not a whole lot to talk about. Started off with Splits with "I" choro in Nagamachi who goes home next transfer and is an amazing missionary. So we start planning and he tells me that we will be teaching "S"-san........I'm suppose to be interviewing him..... Well we couldn't back out of the lesson so that meant I was going to get disqualified to do the interview (Simply put if you taught the investigator you can't interview them) So we hit the strange situation where the district leader, both zone leaders, and the assistants had all taught this investigator. Thankfully it was in Sendai so we had an extra district leader close by to pull on but all went well with that. Oh and they are painting the Nagamachi apartment so the smell was ridiculous so we didn't know what to do because we didn't want to sleep there so we called Sister R and she told us that we could sleep in the mission home office downstairs so we were way excited. We grabbed our futons and ran down their and set them up where? Not the walkway, or in front of the computers, or any of that. Had to find the best, most interesting place. Of course we chose the middle of Presidents office. Ha. However apparently he got wind that we were sleeping in the mission office so, although he and sister R were 7 hours away he told us how we could get into their house and sleep in a real bed. Oh my goodness, their house is like a hotel upstairs. I had never been up there. It was like sleeping in the temple. Wake up and the first thing I see is the lifesize painting of Jesus looking down at me. Scary! But yeah. Then worked in Izumi on Wednesday with N choro who was in the MTC at the same time as me. And then worked with S choro in Kamisugi on Saturday. Way crazy right! Oh and then on Sunday our self-referral from way back came to church! Yay! He could only stay for sacrament meeting but after church yesterday there was this special YSA sacrament meeting program and since he is 21 we thought we would invite him for the fun of it. And he came!!! Way cool. Although for priesthood meeting they had a mock priesthood executive meeting, yeah try to explain that to a person that has been to a church meeting for a total of 2 hours up until then. Sigh. And we also learned he lives in the ward over so we need to pass him to the missionaries that work in that ward but oh well. Well thats it for the day. Talk to you next week.