Monday, April 8, 2013

Week of Miracles

So this week have been good. Just getting used to the new companion and such. He is like the complete opposite of O-choro. He's funny, he is way good at english. Lets see. This week there is like no time. Today P-day will be preparing for Friday which is service we are doing in Ishinomaki. Tuesday night we go to the mission home. Wednesday we have zone leader council, zone leader council activity, planning for zone training meeting, and eikaiwa (Yeah I kinda freaked out on O choro when he called to tell us that we would be doing all of that on that day) Thursday zone training meeting, a lesson, weekly planning, FHE. Friday service. Saturday General conference. Sunday General Conference. Sigh. Just getting tired typing it. Anyway. Wasn't all bad though. Below is what I wrote to president and I figured you would enjoy. So this week was full of miracles. I will tell you the two biggest. So as part of Bishop F's vision of missionary work in Kamisugi he wants us to visit members a ridiculous amount and even if they are not there leave a message. Also with Elder U just coming I felt like it was a good opportunity to introduce him to some of the members. So we went to the "H" familys home who the mom is never home because she is always busy but even meeting the kids would be good. Well by some miracle the mom was home. She told us that she had a friend over so I saw this going downhill quickly but after leaving for a second she came back and said that her friend told us to come inside and rest for a minute. Well we didnt want to hurt her feelings so we came inside and over a glass of mugicha were able to exchange pleasantries with her and from that that led to talking about how she went to Ishinomaki eikaiwa 20 years ago and heard some of the lessons which even "H"姉妹 was surprised about. Which then led to her talking about how she had had some worries about after a death recently. We explained that that was why we are here, to teach people about stuff like that. She said she was busy during April getting her kids in school and such but to please come teach her in May. "H"姉妹 offered to take us to her house and she told us her address and phone number before we had a chance to even ask. As we were leaving her friend added that she hoped her son (maybe 5 years old) would some day become a missionary. Then yesterday in sacrament meeting H姉妹 shared about that experience and about having always felt good about that friend but never knowing how to proceed with her and also about her never being home at that time but God knowing she was home at that time. How cool is that! The second miracle has to do with someone I may have mentioned before. "W"兄弟. He is one of the less actives that the ward council has picked to especially work with. And I learned that "T"兄弟 who is the one that actually picked his name has actually never even met him. But anyway as you may have already heard from the assistants we have been trying to look for someone from the time he got baptized because we thought that would help him and might be able to work through those memories to help him remember why he was baptized. So O-choro and I had joked about maybe N-choro would know him because he dendoed here a long time ago. So apparently O-choro just directly asked N-choro and not only did he know him he had taught him and done his baptism mensetsu. What are the odds? Luck? Not likely. Perfectly heaven sent guidance! We talked with I-kyodai about it at DCS. We probably wouldn't be working so much with W-kyodai if he wasn't on this list because from what I heard of his past visits they weren't anything special. But through him being on the list we have decided to put more time toward working towards him and we are seeing the results now. Still just a start and we need to work with Noonchester-choro from this point to find a time we can visit him. I'm excited though.