Monday, August 20, 2012

Yokote Festival

Hey peeps! Its still taking some getting used to to get used to this computer and the little amount of time I have left. My time is already almost gone because I was fighting other things for most the time but here is todays report. So this week was a festival call Obon. Basically its the one time of the year that everyone returns home and becomes Buddhist. Basically makes it impossible to find anyone to talk to. Except Yokote didn't get hit too hard but still mission wide it was a rough week. But the good thing was we were way busy with other things this week so we really didn't feel the effect. One of the things that made us busy was interviews with President! I think we all just freaked out about it too much. Waiting in that room until he comes and pulls you out to rip you apart with words. But in the end he was way nice. Laid out a few things that I should focus on, not that I wasn't doing them but that just focus on them more. Then the rest was praise and encouragement. Also told me that one of the elders in my district that he had just interviewed had said that he had been having a hard time but that through my district meeting he got over it. Score! Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall in those meetings. Also Mandy may be interested to know that my guess of which of my lessons that affected him was "Oh the Places You'll Go" Quite the hit when we read it in district meeting. We also had splits. This time I was with the zone leaders and who would it be but Fukuta choro. If you don't remember he was one of the elders in the Aizu apartment so it was fun to talk about the good old days. We both loved Aizu so kinda fun. There was also a Yokote festival. It was way cool. So they had fireworks but 1, they sent them off from like 50 feet away, and 2 they were cued to music. How cool is that! Awesome I tell you. Another funny thing is that one of the songs was "Born this way" by Lady Gaga. :-) Then the other part of the festival was people build these big boats and then compete with them by ramming them togetehr. Super dangerous. People have died in years passed. This year 1 person went to the hostpital and a couple people got hauled away by the cops apparently. Ha. Fun stuff. It was crazy to see all the people though, didn:t know there were that many people in yokote. Especially young people. "M" shimai is still up in the ari and to be honest not a whole lot new in the investigator areana. Also slightly new thing is that I have a new return date. Not July 30th but Aug. 2. Ha. Slowly getting father. Which made me think. Maybe we should slowly start working on figuring out school because its going to come fast I think and knowing my academic advisor she will be slow. First thing to figure out is if I can even do the 5 year masters. So yeah... That "Feed my Sheep" thing sounds pretty cool father. If you can find a way go ahead and send it to me. Well I love you all, hopefully I will have something more interesting to say next week.