Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey peeps! Long time no talk right?! Like 9 days! Actually a lot has happened in those 9 days but still. Lets get down to business. So we had Christmas as you were all a part of at the beginning. Then from there we went around visiting Single/older members of the ward trying to be like santa (We even had a red bag of presents) but sadly like no one way home. They seemed to appreciate the presents we left though. And then that night was spent at an LAs that we had never met but a member made the appointment for us so that was fun. The husband had me find our house on his iPads Google Earth. That can make you trunky pretty fast. Then it was back to business as usual. Well kinda. Apparently its a japanese thing that invite missionaries over during the end and beginning of the year (This explains while in Furukawa at the beginning we got fed a ton). So we have had a lot of meals and its interesting because there are 6 missionaries in this area we teach together and have to figure out how we will attack these 2 people or family most effectly. But its been fun and 3 of the families we went to the husband was either LA or not a member so that was a lot of fun. Nothing major happend but just good relationships being built I think. They were all very open to talking with us. Truth be told they were way awesome. Oh and then we helped a member take down the Christmas stuff at the church on the 26th (No mercy right!) and about thirty minutes after we left she calls us and tells us that a college student just came to the church and said he wanted to learn about the church. (From this point I'm just going to copy what I sent to president Rasmussen)"....about thirty minutes later saying that after we left some random man walked in off the street and said he wanted to learn about the church. Can you say blessing? YES! It was way cool. She got his name, a little info, and his number and we were able to call him and set up an appointment for the next day. Didn't have a whole lot of information but had his age and that he is going to graduate school so what would you know we had a member a lot like that that was able to joint. Once we hear his story it turned out that he had studied abroad in California and met a Jason who had introduced him to the church. Before we even knew this he reached into his bag and pulled out an english Book of Mormon. Ha. Little by little we were able to discover this story from questions he would have. Ex. "What is a 'Sister'?" "Where did you hear that?" "They were with Jason." "Were they two young females" " did you know?" (Thought)"Lucky guess" Ha. Asked him if he prayed and he opened up his Book of Mormon to its first page and there these fine sisters had written out the steps of praying.....of course in English. Ha. It was kinda cool. Seems that because of various factors including this language barrier he didn't hear much of the message but he is definitely searching for a purpose to life now. Way cool." End Quote. So yeah that was a blessing. So we have only been able to meet with him once so far but still have hope. Lets see what else has happened this week. We had our special New Years schedule so we deep cleaned for 8 hours on Monday. Monday was also transfers and only two people transfered in the whole zone although one of the sisters I was district leader over is coming into the zone so that is cool. No one in my district is changing so way boring transfer. Then the next day we went to a shrine and worshipped there.......I mean we payed our respects to the culture. In order to do this prayer thing you have to through like 5 Yen (5 cents) in this pot. So I was stuck in this line and so I think. Oh well. Its 5 yen so I throw it in and while its still in the air I think. "Hm......technically that tithing money......oh well" Then I rang the big bell. Ha. I also got my fortune. Apparently, according to this fortune, there will be a lot of people telling me to get married and a lot of people telling me not to get married this year......I feel like I have already started hearing this *Cough* Steven *Cough*. Just saying :-) Other than that pretty normal life. Thats all for today but I'll email again in like 5 more yeah. Until then.