Monday, February 27, 2012

Elder Oaks Visit

Meeting Sister Oaks
About to meet Elder Oaks

So what to say.

So we will get this out of the way. "H"san. Long story. Didn't meet this week and because of a misunderstanding, our referring member might have offended her.....sigh. Here's hoping that all is well. "T"san who we haven't met with for like a month, we were finally able to do a lesson although our member kinda went off and derailed the lesson but it all turned out ok. So that is all for investigators. Quite the week eh.

So Elder Oaks. Was pretty cool. We able to take a picture with him which apparently is a rare thing because when I talked to sister Rasmussen before she said headquarters said absolutely not. I think its due to asking Elder Oaks directly and him saying it was fine. Anyway. Cool. We all got to talk to him and all the other speakers. It was like a wedding line. He is super funny and we talked about Washington a little. The funny one was the Elder in from of me who is from "Sparkle, UT" I think. Elder Oaks then explained in freakish detail where that was and how to get there. President Rasmussen then mentioned that was impressive. Elder Oaks just responded. "Well not many people know where that is, but I do." Ha. It was a really cool meeting.

The theme seemed to be that the last year we have been helping these people physically but now is the time to focus on the spiritual. Super strong talks. Elder Oaks I don't even know if he had a talk planned because he just built off all the other speakers. Also it was super funny because he shared this super long scripture and ended it with, "so you may be asking how that relates to what I have been talking about...well it doesn't, this machine brought me to the wrong chapter" Then holds up his iPad. Struggles for a minute. Turns to his wife "Give me the REAL scriptures" Everyone laughs. "This is the good stuff, the paper. Elder Packer made me get the iPad. And when your quorum president tells you to get an iPad you get an iPad" Ha. I chuckled.

For his meeting with the members, we ended up staying in Sendai so were able to shake his hand again which was cool. It kind of reminded me of Finding Faith in Christ. This really old man who obviously had a physical problem and looked to be blind was led in by his wife. One of Elder Oaks translators (there were 5 translators for 4 english speakers....not sure why) was tapped by her. She said something to him then he walked up to Elder Oaks, told him that the man wanted to meet him so Elder Oaks went over and the lady just bawled. It was the most pitiful, touching thing you could see. The scary part was that she started talking really fast old woman Japanese and his translator had ditched him so he looks at me the closest American and then the thought hits me "what if he wants me to translate.....I can:t tell an apostle no" Thankfully a translator swept in and helped. Saved!

Anyway. Super cool week. But I:m taking too much time. Maybe more next week. Or the week after because next week I think we are doing a "district p day" which means I might not be able to email. Just warning you.

Love you all hope all is well for you.