Monday, October 1, 2012

Becoming a More Creative Planner

Hello peeps,
Another roughish week to be honest. Lots of random annoyances and everything.   But its forcing me to be a more creative planner for how to use time because all our investigators and people we are teaching are falling left and right (all for health reasons strangely enough).   Its an adventure.  We worked really hard to find new investigators this week, but in the end no one. 

Have one good chance though that took a Book of Mormon and gave us his business card and this ridiculously delicious apple juice that he grows the apples for.  He is just way busy because of it being harvest time.  Its funny to watch them harvest. Its not white like wheat it is gold which is kinda cool and when I say the scripture now to people I say "The field is gold, all ready to harvest".  I always had an image of a man out there will a sickle, which we have seen a little of, but welcome to our day.  Out comes the harvester which is a fascinating machine but takes like 10 minutes to harvest the whole field.  Fun stuff.  

Didn't really meet with any investigators this week.  Just the ones we can just show up to and that mainly like missionaries.  We have an appointment to meet with "R" tomorrow so hopefully that all comes through. 

Anyway, random stories.  So jealous you went to a football game. They don't have football here as you may imagine.  I'm glad you enjoyed the Jesus the Christ story. Didn't find it that humorous myself but oh well, glad I could bring joy to others. They are playing The Beatles here at the library right now.....TORTURE!!!! I miss my Beatles. 
Anyway. Hope all is well with you people. Enjoy conference without me! Way jealous you get to watch a week before me.  But oh well.  Bye bye.