Friday, July 15, 2011

First Day in the MTC

Parentals,  (Kyle's name for his parents)

Kon'nichiwa from the MTC!!  Just finished unpacking all my wrinkly stuff.  (Don't worry Mom, I'll iron it eventually).  Well as you would imagine, it has been quite an adventure today.  They wisked me off and  20 minutes later I had an MTC ID, 2 nametags, room key, and ecclesiastical license (I think that's what it is.  It's all in Japanese and has Thomas S. Monson's signature).  There was other stuff but I can't remember.

Anyway, I was led to my room, which my host told me was so much better than his.  (He is going to Malaysia).   Then he brought me to my class.  Yes, 1 hour in and I'm already in class.  Even better is it seems we are in the spanish wing so they always speak spanish to us which is weird.  But I found my teacher who is really nice...but he hasn't said one thing in English yet.

I went through a computer orientation and then I'm told to teach this fellow new missionary how to do the orientation, and after checking the nametag it was Elder Clayton, who I knew from my paperwork is my companion.  Yay!  Anyway, went back to class and started to learn to introduce myself.  I know some of the stuff but a lot of it was religious so not exactly taught in schools.

Next surprise was when Jacob Beckstrand (who I was in SUCCESS Academy with) walked in. j I met a lot of people I know in here from old work buddies to schoole pals to Orlando's friend who is my Zone Leader.

We had a little lesson from the MTC President,  had dinner, then we worked on some teaching exercises, and finally met my zone.  Then unpacked.  On another note, I'm the only one going to Sendai in my district, so fun stuff there.  My language teacher just always yells "Sendai Power!" at me.

Anyway, almost lights out so I shall email Friday, I believe, which is my P day.  I'm alive, all is well, I love you.

Sayonara for now,