Monday, June 4, 2012

Transfer to Yokote

Hey family! So where are we this week? Not a whole lot different but oh well. Lets give the updates. A little less all day knocking doors and actually taught some people and we were able to follow up on some of the work we have done in the the last little while so a little goodness but still so so. "T"san is doing good, I think. We taught her the Word of Wisdom on Wednesday. We couldn't get a joint(member) for the lesson so it was just us standing at her door teaching which is never the best way of doing it but oh well. So the Japanese people always have a problem with tea normally so I'm prepared for that one. But we give her the pamplet and she reads the first paragraph that says what you can't partake of and she hits coffee. I felt like I was in America. That was her problem. (Note for Mandy: It really was like Jynx:s reaction on the district (Yes I apply most of my life to the district)). She actually had no problem with tea, said she doesn't even like it anyway. Which is straight crazy but yes she has quite a problem with coffee. Drinks a lot every day. I think we taught pretty well and she understood but it's still hard. She seemed to understand that she would have to go to heaven for the help, she just kept saying, "I am going to have to pray a lot. Oh man this is going to be rough. I'll do my best. Oh man. Sigh." I really thinks she is trying but the problem comes in that she would have to be keeping it from last Saturday to be baptized on the 16th but we haven't been able to get a hold of her since then. Sigh. Didn't come to church either. Anyway. The branch is going full speed with the preparations for the baptism. They pulled out the font after church yesterday and it was this big blow up pool. Kinda cool kinda super weird. Ha. We were talking to the branch president and he was telling us all the places they have done baptisms. He was baptized in the missionaries bath, there have been some in the river, Izumi has a real font, this blow up one, and even a Onsen (Hot spring (super expensive to get in and actually are like vacation spots, we aren:t allowed there as missionaries)). Japan is weird. Other than that not a whole lot new with investigators. Just the usual. "H"san was so-so, and I don't think we were able to meet with anyone else last week. Although we had 4 or 5 LAs(less actives) come to church randomly. We hadn't talked to any of them in the last week. Got Mandy's wedding announcement. That was a little crazy to see. Chipman choro decided that we are going to the reception though. I guess we would kinda have to since it says to RSVP if you can't go and we can't tell them we aren't going to, so we have to go. Perfect logic right? Anyway they looked like a cute little couple. Sidenote+ Japanese wedding announcment pictures are the best. They are SUPER awkward looking all the time. Maybe because this country thinks kissing is like up there with Chastity but they are the best when you see them posted in the churches. Ok now for the part everyone wants to hear about. Transfers. They call of all calls came. I'm to be shipped off to Yokote in Akita ken. Not only that but I am going to be the District leader there. Talk about about peeing your pants. So that means I'll be over 2 or 4 elders in Kitakami and 4 sisters in Akita city. My companion is Elder Miyaki so again to the Japanese companions. He is on his third transfer this next transfer so he is pretty new little guy. Shall be a nice stretching experience. Kinda bummed to be missing Takahashi san's baptism but maybe this is just how the mission will go for me. Oh well, as long as she gets baptized. Thats all I really know. Oh Yokote is even more countryside than here. I have heard there are 10 active members Thats all I can say about that. Scary and a half. Life changes again on Thursday when we start all over again. Shall be fun though, I'm excited. So I think that is it. Hope all is well with the final preparations. Love you all. Talk to you later.