Monday, April 15, 2013

Service and Seaweed in Ishinomaki

Hey family. Wow was last week a ridiculously busy week. Every day was jam packed with stuff. Started with Monday calling a bunch of people to get all our stuff in order for service. Tuesday visiting Broth Wako and going to the mission home. Wednesday Mission Leadership Council which was interesting. It used to be Zone Leader Council but as you may have heard the church made a new position in the missionary heirarchy. Sister Training Leader. So we now have sisters as leaders too. No one really knows what they actually do. For the time being president has just made up their role. Oh well. Then the next day was zone training meeting which was good. A lot more lively with U choro there. He is a very energetic person. Then Friday we went to Ishinomaki for service. That was a lot of fun because its been awhile since we have done service. It was a little different this time though. Instead of cleaning stuff up and such, we actually just worked their jobs. So I learned a lot more about seaweed then I ever cared to know and I never want to see it again in my life. Ha. Oh the stories to tell about those seaweed and the crazy things that happen to them. Then general conference which we were thankfully able to listen to in English. Then on the bus for service it was scary because we had the MC the whole time which president didn't want everyone to sleep so we planned a bunch of activities and such to do but yeah. Ended up talking to president for about an hour about the zone and he told me a lot of the upcoming transfers and gave me power to split a district when I felt it needed to be done and a lot of other unknown details we talked about. Kinda freaked me out to see how much he trusts us. In just this week its been ridiculous how much I have heard from him which I have known I can't tell people. But yeah. Ok so lastly mothers day calls. So this time we got permission to Skype which looks like it will work out with the church computer. So I need your skype details and we need to plan a time and all that jazz but yay for skype! So thats the details of that. Talk to you later. Love you bye.