Monday, November 5, 2012

The Lord chastens those that he loves

Hey family! Hows it going? Hope halloween was fun and all that.  Here we dressed up and acted like missionaries all day.  Pretty crazy stuff. Well again a slower week here but hopefully it will pick up soon.  We have had some good things happen this week and it also was destroyed with comings and going to meetings and this week also have coming and going to meetings but still we will live.  

So because I figure you people will be interested we are getting lost of autumn leaves here. Pretty cool. We drove through the mountains to district meeting and it is quite colorful.   So in the 11th week of the 12 week training program for new missionaries it says. "New missionary takes the lead in all finding and teaching" which in our mission (unofficially) has become what we call "senpai week." (Senior companion week).  So guess what this week is? Yay!  This morning during compaion study I tried to change the order of things and he just looked at me with a straight face and said, "Who's the senpai (senior comp)?" "You are."  "Thats right,"  Ha.  
Also something exciting happened that night too.  We got a call from a missionary (we all have the same phone number except for the last 2 digits) and so I pick it up.  And its the Tsuroka Elders and they had a referral that was suppose to be coming to church.  Well, we had district conference so we weren't going to have church in Yokote so that was a bummer.   But we still got their information and then the next morning I got a call from the friend that had referred him and said he was going to take his friend to Morioka for district conference the next day! Yay! Way cool. Didn't end up coming because someone in his family was sick but still. We have high hopes for him this week because he sounds like he has a whole lot of interest. 
We also had interviews with President which were supposed to happen the end of this week but since we were there and to save time he did them then so I had no time to prepare but I lived through it.  I could also hear everything said in Elder "H" interview. Funniest part of that was he asked how it was going recently and he said lessons were rough and President "R" responds with "The Lord chastens those that he loves"  and the smart alek son of mine responds with "Then we must be really loved."  It made me giggle. Also at district conference I got to meet "S" kyodai from Aizu.  Not sure how much I talked about him back in Aizu but he was my favorite. He is way aweomse and the hardest worker ever in the church and therefore is now part of the mission presidency.  So I get to see him lots now! Yay!
So hopefully we will have lots to report next week.  Next transfer is coming up way fast. I feel like my time in Yokote is very very short. Kinda ready to transfer but still don't want to leave these leads that we have.  Mah. Whatever works. 
When we visit LAs and stuff that scripture you wrote father is always the one that I share. We don't have all the answers and there is a lot of heart-ache and horribleness and roughness in the world but if we can remember just the simple fact that God is our Father and does love us then we have a very important step in the right direction and sometimes thats all we can rely on.  Mah. Has never gotten anyone to come back to church but I think even active members need to remember that too. 
Love you all. Hope all is well with you peeps. Talk to you later.