Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Teaching in ENGLISH!

So here we are at another week of emails.  Yay! Just a note before I
forget, so with this first week in the month thing we are going to try
and email the day before so adjust your emails accordingly because
there is no reason to read emails if there are none.

Anyway, second full week of trainer missionary work.  Oh the joys. Its
not all bad. I probably complain too much but that whole feeling of
the mission flying by? Kind feels like the brakes were put on for
these two weeks.  One of the member came up to me yesterday and just
laughed and said, "You look tired" "Yeah, I'm a little tired" "Why?"
"Just missionary work, sometimes happens"   Yay for constant state of tiredness.  

But one bright point is we picked up an old investigator this week
that I have been trying to teach since I have got here.  "R"! Does
that sound Japanese, no, because she is Phillipianian (Person from the
Phillipines) which if you aren't aware one of their official languages
is.....ENGLISH!!!  So yes, an English lesson and a Christian
background.  Talk about not knowing how to handle her.  Basically
handed over the lesson to "H" choro and he did good. He teaches VERY
seriously! Ha.     Its so depressing that
I can't even teach in English anymore.  I'm translating from Japanese
to English in my head.  She speaks Japanese too. Therefore halfway
through the lesson I was testifying and I broke into
Japanese.....basically at that point I gave up and finished my thought
in Japanese.  It was like going home.  Ha.  I can't speak Japanese or
English at this point.

Anyway.  Other stuff. Unfortunately "S" san and "T" san didn't
come to church this week but they are still strong.  

Ok so I am way jealous you guys are going to Wicked, just saying.

Other than that not a whole lot going on this week.  Just the normal
stuff.  Had my first experience with someone straight attacking the
church and our beliefs.  He was not a nice man at all.  Oh well.  He
gave us cake while we attacked the church so I guess it wasn:t all

Anyway, talk to you next week. Love you. Peace out.