Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is coming

Hey family, what up?  Hope all is well as the fall rolls in over there too.  Its starting to get a little chilly here but I'm still holding out with the short sleeves everyday.  

  I realize you people get annoyed with short letters but as mandy realized there is not a whole lot to report.  The few investigators we teach the less stories.  Looks like "S" san even is going to fall by the wayside (our self referral).  Way depressing but he just seems to be choosing not to investigate. He respects us a ridiculous amount but still.  I had a 10 minute conversation with him on the phone just about why I stay here even though people don't listen.  As the little Utah mormons that we are I guess I never thought how outright stupid we must look to "normal" people.  He didn't seem to get it but just ended with, "Well you are a better man than me."  Anyway.  

"R" is sick so can't meet with her.  We techinically found a new investigator on splits this week but we will see if she lasts. Splits was really fun.  I actually like having Japanese companions and he has been through a lot of the experience I have of training in a tiny area and all that, so it was good to talk to someone that understands and see his ideas of how to get over certain road blocks. 

 We also had a "special district meeting" for the sisters in the district. It was stressful because we couldn:t let them know that we were focusing on their problems but we had to address all these things.  "M"-choro (who I did the splits with and is the zone leader) was talking with me the day before and I told him he should just teach it. He responded with, "If I talk they are all going to cry because it is so beautiful"   Well part way through the meeting we were talking about continuing work even though sometimes we don't see success so I asked him to share his experience in his small area and sure enough by the end there was not a dry sisters eye in the room.  He is crazy good.  Anway.  That was the most exciting this that happened this week. 

Next Mondaywe have the meeting with the 70 so I'm not entire sure when I will email but everyone should just email me at the same time, probably will end up being tuesday that I email.  Oh and this week I got a letter from "K.C"  in the ward.  Ha. took me off guard.  Didn't expect I would be attracting these primary girls. ;-)  Say happy birthday to little Atreyu for me. Love you all.