Monday, April 29, 2013

Allegory of the Bonsai tree

So yeah! As always a busy week this week. So I guess I will get the information out first. I don't know if this is how it actually happened but what I heard is that President R has a Mission President seminar in two weeks and that was also transfers so he called the church and said he wouldn't be going and they didn't like him not going so they said they would send his new missionaries a week early and so yeah. This transfer became a 5 week transfer which means, yes if you are counting them, next Monday is transfer calls. I don't know. I kinda feel like I'm out of here because as you said I have been here for awhile and well. I sure don't want to be transfered with only one transfer left. That would stink. So yeah. Then next transfer is 7 weeks so it will all even out with my coming home date. But yeah that was a big news cast. Lets see what else. This week was splits with the assistants which were fun and we visited "W"-kyodai which ended up going well. Gave him a Book of Mormon and the 2011 October Ensign (The one about the Book of Mormon) so he could brush up on the church. Sure hope he will read it. And possibly the proudest commitment of my mission; I committed him to read Jacob 5 about the Bonsai trees. ;-) Who commits a recent convert to read that!? This guy! Ha. Our ward mission leader lost it when I told him that during our coordination meeting. When he composed himself he just said, "Well it might be crazy enough to work" I think it will. He didn't seem so keen on reading the book of mormon but when I explained that it talked about tending trees he just responded with "Ok I'll read it" Score! What else. Went to Furukawa because they were having their first district meeting as the furukawa district after the split of districts. That went well I guess. Nice to be back in that church. After almost a month of not meeting we were able to meet with O-san. Hes been way busy with school and it doesn't look like it will lighten up any more. Way too bad. But he's coming to help us move a couple in our ward this next week so that shall be good. That man is a saint. Today we have a lesson with a new investigator (at least we expect she will become a new investigator) so that shall also be good. If we get this one it will be 1 new investigator for 3 weeks in a row! Yes I'm sure thats probably even embarassing for Mandy and Steven but its kinda a miracle in this mission. Especially lately! Love u bye