Monday, April 22, 2013

A long, quick week

Whoops. Sent that in two emails. Well I know you love getting emails like this but I have no time today. We had zone p-day today which was fun. Went bowling and then had kind of an iron chef type thing where everyone brought food and we ate it to see who's was the best, ended up being basically just a pot luck which was also cool. Then a lesson with a part member family which her husband now is officially an investigator. Then last night one of the sisters in the next area over was checked into the hospital for who knows what but basically I think it was like the flu or something and they were just worried because she couldn't keep food down and would get dizzy so they wanted her on an IV which ends up being at the hospital. But yeah. So we went there (FAR!!!) to give surprise her and give her a blessing. I had to bite my lip because when I asked for her first name she said it and it sounds like "Oolala" like "that girl is cute Oolala" Strange. But I think her companion and her and the member that was staying with them really appreciated it. She was suppose to get out tonight but doesn't look like she will. But yeah. Other things this week. Feels like a long long week. Ha. I feel like I feel the opposite of all of you. We had some good things happen this week but also a lot of appointments fell through so that was a bummer. Oh well. Lets see what else. Visited "W"kyodai with "N"-choro. That ended up being pretty good. It basically is what we had hoped, turned into two old men talking about the past like they do. Helped our ward mission leader move from one building to the house next door. Strange move but good. Then as a new technique we tried going to this Japanese class at the international center which we have tried before but didn't work very well. But this time it worked out way well! We ended up just teaching the teacher about the restoration for an hour and a half. She ended up not really wanting to learn more and was quite set in her ways but she thanked us for the discussion we were able to have which doesn't happen in normal contacts. Other than that not much new. Sorry it is again short. Hope all is well with you peeps.