Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Hey everyone. 

A ridciulously busy week here in Sendai.  I feel like I have run around with my head cut off for a week and I have also been exhausted so Ohori choro has kinda had to just pull me around.  Not even sure what to say about this week.  It was good I guess.  

I feel like I'm kinda cursed with investigators.  Weren't able to meet any this week which was depressing. So yeah....not a whole lot to say about that. 

I went around to all the district meetings in the zone this week which took a whole day basically but it was fun to see other people around the mission.  Kinda terrifying to be at the Nagamachi district meeting and asking the assistants to do stuff for the zone.....aka....asking Shinno choro my father to do things.  It was fun to catch up with him a little over the last few random times we have had a minute or two to just chat.  Also there are a ton of people that come to Eikaiwa(English class) which was scary.  I actually have to teach these people english. Although they freaked on me when I gave them homework.  Ha. Whoops. ;-)  Oh well they will live.  

Lets see, what else.  Had splits with the APs this week but my split kinda became....well interesting because...ok quick japanese lesson.  So in order to get your license in Japan if you are Japanese you have to go through driving school which is pretty long I think and way expensive and your license itself is also way expensive and all this jazz so most Japanese elders don't have a license and the church sure isn't going to pay for one and all this schooling.  So our assitants *(The only one that have cars) normally have one foreigner and one japanese elder.  The foreigner just has to prove that he has a foreign license, pay like 50 dollars and pass the practical test.  So the American is the driver for the companionship.  Well.........good old "E" choro failed his first time last week which is too be expected because they are way strict here.  But he planned on taking it again on Wednesday and he was surely going to pass that time...... Well let me explain the phone call I got on Wednesday.
Shinno-"So.......splits are going to change tomorrow?"
Shinno-"We may have had an accident at the driving center"
Me-"Everett choro hit something! Wow that stinks"
Shinno-(Didn't really understand I think)-"We need to come back tomorrow but we have appointments in Nagamachi and yeah....accident"
Me-".....are you guys ok? Like why does he have to go back? What did you break?"
Phone gets taken from Shinno choro and "E" choro picks it up in an aggitated voice
Everett-"Hey Elder Carter I ran a stop sign in my drivers test and we need to come back for a retake"
-Me trying to hold back laughter-

Yes did it need that much explanation no, but it was the highlight of my week so we spent the majority of the day in Izumi and the testing center but he passed!  It was fun though because everyone in our waiting room (Not only Americas DMV is slow but japans too) were foreigners so I got to talk to a lot of different type of people.  Then normal splits from there. Kinda funny to do splits with someone in my area that had 2 weeks previous just finished working 6 months in that area.... Yeah I was the one that didn't know the area at all.  It was all very fun.  From there what else happened.

Oh FHE was way fun at the mission home.  American food, watched a christmas church movie, all that jazz.  

Also this weekend we had a sports activity which was way fun.  Bigger areas have so many activities its ridiculous.  

Not sure if I said this last week but I finished the Book of Mormon in Japanese.......yeah be impressed. 

Random fact about this zone. We have two district leaders.....ones name is Elder is Elder Japanese they are pronounced the same........ I have already wanted to beat my head into the wall numerous times over this......