Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Change of age of missionaries

So how's everyone?  Another even slower week this week (soon they can't get any slower so yeah).  A lot of housing and stuff. A lot of rain too.  Wow I'm sick of rain.  I'm about ready for the snow just because it is a lot easier to deal with than rain.  We live though.  Anyway.  I don't know if I thanked you guys for your unneeded package that you sent but thanks.  Didn't meet a single investigator this week so that was  bad.  Had 1 LA lesson and 1 with the "K's" so yeah.  Had one of our investigators suck a ton of our time so that was cool but didn't even get a chance to do a lesson.  This next weekend we have district conference so that should be fun.  Get to hang out with President R a ilttle bit more.  Um. Not a whole lot to report on with this week.  Really nothing at all exciting happend. 
Elder Grow's meeting was interesting.  He went an hour and a half over but he's a seventy so he can do that.  It was funny when he was over by an hour he looked over to President R and asked "You probably are stressing that we need to go right now aren't you?" "No.....I can drive really fast."  Funny man.  but it was fun to see half the mission all together. Don't have many opportunities to see all these missionaries.  Also got to see Shinno choro as the assistant. It has been like 6 months since I saw him.  He was way busy so didn't get to talk much (although he broke his thumb so he had a cast on it which was funny).  But a lot of interesting things talked about with Elder Grow.  Wanting to focus on LAs more than we have before and he took all our planning techniques and threw them in the trash so that was slightly concerning.  Interesting to hear some of his knowledge about the behind the scnes stuff at headquarters which leads me to my main event. Check out these stats
After the Saturday conference the #1 trending tweet on Twitter was the change of age for missionaries.
MTC time is being cut by a 1/3 across the board
The freshman class of BYU is going to be non-existent (ok so thats not official but probably will see an effect there)
Normally each week 500-700 applicants for missionary service come in.
The week after conference 4,000 applicants came in 2,000 elders, 2,000 sisters
He only had the data from the first 3 days of the next week but in the first 3 days there were 3,600 applicatants, 1500 elders 2000 sisters
Needless to
Sounds like they are still deciding how much each missions allotted missionaries will increase so that will be interesting and the mission presidents are to put these extra missionaries in "centers of strength" and to use them more fully for rescuing less actives.
So thats what I have. 
Always no time.  Love you all. Sayonara.