Tuesday, October 11, 2011

30 Minutes in the Boonies

So I:m just going to build off of your email because I don:t have much time because people are waiting behind me so here we go and I:m sorry if things dont get answered or you feel jipped.

So yesterday we didn:t email because it was a holiday here and in japan. Also we are going to see how emails are going to work for the next little while because apparently the government doesn:t like people emailing on their library computers here so they found out about myldsmail.net and blocked it so we are at the college that doesn:t have that many computers and we are trying to figure it out so we will see in the future how emailing works. Hence, this is probably going to be short and not full of information. So this last week has been fun but tiring, also super weird from a normal week. We had members drive us to Koriyama to watch conference on saturday and sunday (they show it a week late here) so that was fun. They had it in english in the attic of the church (I just forgot what church was in English, thats a good sign right?) so that was awesome. One of the members for some reason watched it with me and Elder Cannon the other foreigner in my apartment. What a wonderful conference. Cool experience. Between sessions Shinno choro wanted to street contact for like 30 minutes. I thought it was a waste of time because this area is 2 hours away from where we live, missionaries dont proselyte there, and its 30 minutes and we are kinda in the boonies, whatever though. He is my trainer I must obey him. So we walk like 50 feet down the road we talk to one college student and 3 minutes later I:m sitting across from him in the church teaching an overview of the first lesson. What?! Ha. I don:t think he was actually super interested but it was fun nevertheless although I still didn:t even say much at all to him because the whole language barrier. Nevertheless we left him with the information of the branch president there and all that and that was that. I don:t know if I told you this but Shinno choro and I are white washing here, aka he is new to this area too so we have no where to start from. I feel like a politician at times. We bike an hour up this huge hill to talk to one member and say, *if you need anything call us* and knocking tons of doors and talking to everyone on the street. Kinda nuts and feels like we are just beating our heads against the wall at times. However we do have two lessons scheduled this week so that shall be fun. Oh and the people here are a little more not so nice as the sendai people. Not mean to Americas standards but they don:t have a problem yelling at us. Also they go to sleep at like 8 so that kinda ruins dendo (proselyting) time for us. Moving on. I:m not entirely sure what kinda coat I need so sending a picture or something would be cool because I:m sort of completely confused about it.

Oh, yesterday I lived through my first earthquake. Pretty cool. Actually it was super erie and we were in a role play and half way through the earthquake (because it doesn:t really phase these people) Shinno choro turns to me and says, *Wait, have you ever been in an earthquake?* Ha. Kinda funny, not very big at all but interesting.

So as you probably saw from my bank account kinda got a big hit yesterday of my electronic dictionary. Your nerd son has a new computer! Actually its super frustrating to use and I:m a tad disappointed with its ease of use but oh well, I shall learn, also I hope I didn:t waste my money with the one I bought, there was actually a lot cheaper one but It worried me.

Final nonquestion thing. Japanese kids are the CUTEST!!!! Ok so little Atreyu beats them but man do they get close. I don:t know what it is about them. Man!

Love you. Hope all is well at home. I shall pray that Apple can stay on the straight and narrow without good old steve. Until next week (lets hope)