Monday, May 6, 2013

Big Changes! Transfer to Niigata

So yeah, eventful week here. We started it off with doing 4 splits this week! Talk about awesome planning! Holy cow I kinda wanted to kill myself. Spending that much time running around and taking care of these people was kinda super busy. But we ended up doing splits with everyone that we needed to do splits with and even attending every district meeting we had to. So yeah. That's always fun. But, yeah because of that, or maybe even though that happened our results stunk! Lets see. That cool you met W choro. He was pretty good at Japanese himself.....he never worked with me in Yokote. Then of course transfers. Holy cow is this transfer crazy! So many new missionaries there are crazy things going down. "H" choro is going Zone Leader! A lot of people you wouldn't think were going to train are training and even white-washing areas. Then you have me. First I guess I should explain this for the person that doesn't keep their eyes on mission boundaries changes. So last year with the 58 or whatever new missions they created in the world one of them was in Japan. That is the Tokyo South mission. Now they don't just split Tokyo into two. They also take some from either side. Now I didn't know this until recently but apparently Niigata prefecture has been the ball that is passed between Sendai mission and Tokyo mission since Sendai has been made. But anyway. The new borders are taking Niigata prefecture out of the mission. So this means any missionaries in that area at the time of the split will move missions from Sendai to Tokyo. So I didn't think this would touch me and I have known for months. Well in interviews president told me that I would be white-washing Niigata with a new missionary. So the minimum time you are with a new missionary is 2 transfers, 3 month, which brings me to the end of my mission and past the deadline for mission switch. Crazy stuff indeed. So this week I have the new version of Zone leader council (but now has sisters) and then zone training meeting, then the next day training to be a trainer and then pick up my new Japanese bean-chan and head down to Niigata. I would be lying if I didn't say at times it feels like I like a lamb going off to the slaughter. It will make sense in time. I hope. All these things happen for a reason. Its funny to have read all of your letters with the idea I'm leaving Sendai mission. Well love you. Talk to you next week. Bye.