Monday, May 7, 2012

Rain, Rain

District Training Meeting
District Training Meeting with Elder Mead Hello family. Sounds like life is going pretty crazy for people at home and to be honest your week may have been more exiting than mine. This week just seemed to pass without getting a whole lot accomplished. Sigh. Our only investigator lesson this week was with "H"San. We started to get more bold with her that meeting with us is a waste of everyone:s time if she won:t keep commitments. I:m not sure she completely got the point but still she finally took a book of Mormon which is a step, now lets she if she reads any. "T"san. Sigh. This is why I don:t like people that have baptismal dates. They just seem to fall off the face of the earth. We have been trying really hard to contact her a lot but its been hard. She is like never home. Too busy for lessons this week and when we visited her before church she said she would come but didn't. So basically this baptismal date has basically become impossible. Sigh. Definitely can happen, just not on the 20th. Sorry mom. Random comment. So we had our crazy drunk investigator this week and as we were leaving he told Mead choro that he looked like Audrey Hepburn (Don:t know how to spell) but he kinda is right. We had our member look it up. On Saturday we went to the Ishinomaki branch:s BBQ. Talk about a pain in the rear. We had to go through our district leader, then zone leader, then get permission directly from President Rasmussen. We were there to meet an old investigator that moved to Furukawa because their house got destroyed in Ishnomaki. Anyway. We get there and no explains anything so we were quite confused the whole time waiting for this investigator to show up. Finally I hear someone call to the person that is running the activity "Ishikawa san" Wait, thats the name of the referral. "Where do you live?" "Furukawa" Talk about a surprise. I thought he was part of the branch presidency or something. Looked and acted exactly like a member. Anyway. Couldn't get their contact information then but said they would like to meet again so heres hoping. Anyway to answer your question mother. Looking back it feels like time has gone by fast but forward it still seems like a long time. Bridal shower sounded like a good success. Good job to Kris and everyone else that did good work there. I love these stories of little A. He is such a little stinker. Ha. We did get told about suit coats. President is all about being professional so he said when the business men in our area take off their jackets we can too. Kinda weird so not yet. The Eikaiwa posters were not my idea. But I will take credit. Ok so recently the rain has been ridiculous! Two of the rivers in the Sendai city area flooded. Didn't really cause that big of a problem but still. Even the Japanese people were taken off guard how much rain there was. We got double a regular months worth of rain in one day. The telephone number for the mothers day call is the same as Christmas so whatever worked then use the same one. the last numbers will be 80-2149-6399. Anyway. Apparently my instructions didn't work out so well last time but you did it so just do what you did last time. Well that:s all for today I think. Talk to you next week. Can tell lots of stories then I guess although I have no stories. Oh well. Love you. Talk to you soon. Do you ever hear from any of the B2 brethren? Written back and forth with Orlando a few times but other that that no.