Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey peeps! What up? So today has been super busy. Spent most of the day in Kamimachi for a members Organ concert. She is super good. She seemed happy that we came. Also was fun to spend a day with members just chillaxing. Then got invited over to one of our (kinda la (because he is busy as the mayor))members house and chillaxed. "H"san even came. Good but kinda tiring day. Anyway onto the weeks report. First "T"san. Finally were able to do a lesson with "T"san with our member present again. To be honest it was a pretty rough lesson for the first half. Then she started asking questions (to our member) and things started turning up. Which led to something we had briefly talked about the morning before. Committing her to baptism. We told her the date and she walked up to the calendar kinda nodded then said, "Well I don:t have anything planned that day so I think we are good" Ha. Wow. Not sure she completely understands but even after clearing up what that meant she still seemed for it. Also just looked at us and said, "If I understand todays scriptures right I need to start reading this book and praying a lot" Ha. I had to bite my lip and not laugh. Just mustered out the, "Yeah I think that would be good too" So time is looking up for her. 5/20 is her date. Super fast, we:ll see if she can do it but the important thing is she is looking toward it. Nevertheless she didn't come to church on Sunday and haven:t been able to contact her since. doh! Getting a little worried. But heres hoping. Next so a little while ago we met a lady named "K"san. This week we were able to do a lesson with her. It was actually really cool. She had met with the Jehovah Witnesses before so she knows a little bit about the bible but we were able to teach her pretty good I think. Always know someone is pretty good when they deal with you mistakes of japanese and such. Really hopeful for her. She kinda freaked out a little when I offered baptism but that wasn't too much of a surprise. Just trying to obey the rules of offering the first lesson. But we invited her to church and guess what, she came! She was late but she called before and told us. That was a first for me. Investigators never call me! Ha. Oh well. The members really took a hold of her. She already feels like a member! Somewhat concerningly our lesson this week in Sunday school was about getting more people baptized so we can build a church. Ha. Not the best lesson with an investigator. Oh well. Don:t have a lesson this week but next week have an appointment. Ok this one is randomish and a little hard to explain but every transfer we have a mission newspaper like thing that gets sent to us. Lots of good stuff is in it but a big section is just parts from letters to the president that were inspiring or taught something good. Its always been my hope to make it. And I did this last transfer! Ha. I made it! Yay! We had splits this week. Super fun. Got to visit an American family. Its been a long time since that. She gave me tortillas (impossible to find in Japan). Lots could be said about that but no time. Eikaiwa (English lessons) some goodness new things happening. Finally had a new person come which is a first for me in my mission. Also lately we have been bringing eikaiwa posters around to schools to see if we can get younger people. Talk about feeling like a terrorist. Just walking into these schools branding religious propaganda with huge back packs and two foreigners. Its still terrifies me. But we were able to post them at one school so hopefully that helps. Mothers day. I was thinking you would call at 11 my time. Which I think is 8pm mothers day for you. Plan B. Keep calling till it works. Its p^day so it should work. Random question. A little while ago you said President Wilstead was called as a mission president but never told me where. Where is he going? The weather is good. Still haven:t got the ok to take off our suits yet so thats annoying but oh well. We have 1 youth. He is a boy and we do seminary with him. Very lonely. We have 1 single adult too.