Monday, May 20, 2013

White washing Niigata

So 8 missionaries on one computer is a disaster so I typed this on my electronic dictionary so at least you have something. Hey family! How have you been this week? So its been kinda a long week this week. Kinda still feels a lot like running around with my head cut off. Still dont know what I'm doing in this area but yeah. We have been working pretty good this last week visiting a number of members and a few LAs. Trying some finding considering we are starting from nothing. We have had some good blessings. This week and next week we already have a number of appointments with members so that should be good. Then also this week while housing we met a guy that we were able to set up an appointment with for yesterday which he ended up having to do something else in place of the lesson so we invited him to church and believe it or not he came! I was a little shocked but glad. The gospel principles teacher definitely was trying to make him feel involved which in the end was a bit stressful because I think she was focussing a little too much on him. Then apparently he has a business trip so doesnt know when he will be able to meet next. So that part was too bad. Other than that I dont know what to report. Never really do. Had some good things this week, had some not so fun things, had a member sing "Love Potion No. 9" to me in English, had an old man at a old folks home we were doing service at call me names so yeah....pretty normal week. So there you go, thats the report for today.