Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello and Happy New Year!

Hello and happy new year! Well I feel like I emailed you recently and not much has happened since then but I will try to fill up an email so you don't fly over here and kill me. So these last few days have been good. Since we are in downtown Sendai transfers had a lot of people staying the night with us. Kinda annoying because they eat all our food and kinda fun because we get to hear other stuff from around the mission. The funnest part was my old ZL came and stayed the night and the next morning while we are exercising he told me to come over so I do and he looks at me and says, "H" choro made a goal to exercise more in the mornings, follow up" and hands me the phone. It was way fun, he didn't even know it was me for awhile. I chastised him pretty good too. Ha. Anyway. Also another huge blessing was because everyone is coming to Sendai one of the elders on the bus talked to the guy next to him and this guy had a ridiculous amount of interest! So we received that referral. Way excited about that guy. Anyway. We also met with "O"-san and "B"-san this week which was good and has been quite awhile. But this last week it was hard to meet with a lot of the people because everyone returns to their family's city during the beginning of the year. (Think Mary and Joseph returning to Bethelehem, its like that). So that was a bummer but this next week we should be able to meet with people. So yeah that means Mr. College student from last week we still haven't talked to. We try though. This next week will be busy with zone leader council, Zone meeting, etc. There is a lot of good stuff going on. Anyway. So yeah today there was not much time. I don't want to rant so I won't point fingers but yeah. Oh and by the way the world didn't end in 2012, this occurred to me the other day. As a missionary seems like a good place to be at the end of the world. From there various things we did but nothing too interesting. This zone leader council will probably be boring because we already know what will be talked about. I go through Shinno choro for all my needs. We have a good relationship. So thats basically it for the week.