Monday, June 3, 2013

Learning Nepalese in Japan

Hello family! How are you all today? Its been a so-so week here in Niigata. I know you love it when I have nothing to report but at this point I have nothing to report. We did various things this week. Since Elder K is a new missionary I have been using that to my advantage of having members have us come over and let us role play with them, especially since we have no investigators as of now. I have done these role plays in various other areas but by far here is the most interesting. Apparently the members here have done role plays with missionaries so much that they have grown tired of the normal ones and now just take the weird personalities and we go from there. Yes there are these type of people out there but I'm not sure they are "those that will receive you" Fun stuff. This week was our first taste of the rainy season. We had two days of rain this week which is always rough. You either choose to get soaked from the outside in, or the inside out. You you decide to wear rain gear you sweat a ridiculous amount. Gives me the heebee jeebees just thinking about it. But the last few days have been nice. Also a super random thing this week was the ridiculous amount of Nepalese people we met. Of all places you would think to meet them Japan wasn't one of them but there are a ton of them here and I'm still not sure why. I ask but they say they are here learning the language, why learn the language? To go to school. Now realize these people can basically all speak Nepalese, Hindi, and English fluently, couldn't they go somewhere where they don't need to learn a fourth language. Just seems they cause more stress than they need. But oh well, they are very nice, but busy people. We also started biking out to some of the farther areas in our area which has been fun because Elder Kondo played a lot of soccer before coming out so he can actually keep up pretty well when we bike but when we come home he just collapses on his futon and is out like a light. Apparently hes not quite used to it.