Monday, February 25, 2013

Transfers take a lot of work

Ok so how did this week go. Pretty good week. Way busy week with all these people coming and going with transfers. We kinda of take the babysitter role and dealing with the mission at times like this is kinda hard because they have this whole, "Only absolutely need to know information about transfers will be told to people" which kinda messes with us because people come to us for answers and we don't know and the assistants aren't perfect so trying to tell them where we are having problems is a pain and all this jazz. I have never called the assistants so much in my life. We even had 3 of them for most of the week. The one new one and they kept Shinno choro on board until he left. Finally Wednesday night when everything fell apart I'd had enough, I have never used the phrase "As a zone leader do...." and there is a grammar in Japanese of doing something without permission I used that more than I have ever in my life. Speaking of S choro you want to hear the funniest thing ever. So we have the mission home cook in our ward so S choro went home Friday morning and Sunday morning this sister comes running up to me. "Elder Carter guess what!?" "What!?" S choro is getting married on March 20th!" Ha. I lost it. I knew he had a woman and that she had been making wedding plans. But yeah. Less than a month after his mission he will be married. Even better is that is only the second fastest in the history of our mission. Last year apparently there was a sister that got married in 2 weeks. He has the record for a Japanese missionary though. Other than that lets see what we did this week. We met with O-san twice this week which was good. He is still a little ways from baptism but hopefully we can keep working with him. We were able to go to a baptism in the adjoigning ward with him so that was good for him. We also had a sports activity on Saturday which I'm still sore from. Ha. Way out of shape but it was fun. Nice to see you were able to take up my slack with Lyssas birthday. I'm not sure how I feel about you having her take these mind tests but oh well. Other than that not a whole lot exciting. This week we have the second counselor of the presiding bishopric come so we have two meetings with him. One with the member and one for the missionaries so those are always fun. I think that basically covers it. Have a magical week. Love you all.