Monday, January 14, 2013

Good week

Hey peeps! What up? (I felt like pulling on my black self there for a minute). Well I'm sure you love this phrase but "No time today" but today I have a real excuse! We went to this area with a bunch of members today for 6 hours so yeah......kind over-shot the 3 hour of dendo time scheduled for P-days. Anyway. I think it was good. Got to help my dear comp keep it short though. He says, "We will just say hi" "Ok thats all we have time for." "Ok" 15 minutes later I get to be the rude one that just mid-sentence tells the member we need to leave now. Then we run to the bus in a foot of snow with our normal church shoes on. About 50 percent of that run had traction. No worries mom. Anyway. Today it snowed a lot. Just so you know. But anyway. Lets see what last week had. We met with "O"-san twice which was cool. He is really improving and we started teaching him the commandments this week. Why I don't know, but we started with the Law of Chastity. That turned more interesting than I expected. To be honest I have never had an investigator with a problem with this. Defintiely a different world we live in in Utah. He also had me proofread some essays he was sending to American Colleges to see if he could get in. They were good in all and then I get to this one which was like a poem almost but it was amazing! This man has gotten around. It was about his "Inner voice" that tells him what is right and guides him (Can you say SPIRIT!) But yeah. He toured China when he was 16 alone and slept on the streets. He saw some crazy stuff. From crazy industrialization to watching a mother sell her daughter. Then he saw a place that got destroyed by an earthquake there so he wanted to study earthquake proof building and came to Japan. Then the earthquake hit and he saw no-matter how good the building is you still need a good organization and rescue plan in place so he switched his major again and now wants to study that. Way interesting guy. Then we had zone leader council. That was fun. This time it was quite different. Basically all of it was training from president which was cool. Then the next day Zone Training Meeting which was good but we kinda failed at. Oh well. Oh and then at zone leader council President wants us to bring questions or things that should be changed. So we get there and mention that as of now in our "Other Lessons" category we have been counting member lessons but PMG only says investigator lessons. The words left "O"-choros mouth and all the zone leaders cringed because.....well it helps our results look good with those members in there. President opens up his iPad. Reads it over (PMG(In three languages...well kinda)). Looks up. Groans within himself. Then says, "We follow PMG......stop counting them." Then this man that had not even had this idea cross him mind gave a 5-10 minute training on why its not in PMG. Hammer dropped. I kinda feel like that man has a conduit with heaven. Anyway. Changed the missions work in the blink of an eye. I realize that no one probably cares but I thought it was cool and our district leaders have been griping about it. Oh well. They can dust of their skirts (as Kreigh would put it). Lets see. What else. We had what was called a Shinenkai at church (New Year Party) which the cool thing there was we made mochi which is basically pounded rice. Hard to explain. Look it up. When I send my camera card you will also see. Way cool. Anyway. I guess we will go with that for this week. Its longer this week so you should be happy. This next week less will probably happen so maybe next week we will be back to short.