Monday, February 11, 2013

Alma O. Taylor

Receiving the Alma O. Taylor pin
Zone leader council
Hey family. Again a day with no time but we will do our best to get the information out. So yeah you people have to go and spoil my surprise with the Alma O. Taylor pin. (Editors note: This pin is awarded when an Elder or Sister reads the Book of Mormon in their non-native language) And you have more information about that man then I do so I'm kinda excited to read his life story later. All we really know about him was he was a cool missionary in Japan and yeah. .....that he has a pin? So yeah. That was a surprise. And just for the record the Japanese elder in the pictures with me read the Book of Mormon in English so thats why he got the pin. Just saying. Ha. Which is actually super cool for them because they are able to read the actual words that Joseph Smith wrote. So that was cool. Then we had as you also already know riding the subway for an hour and a half. Just riding it back and forth was kinda fun. I like the subway and we did splits with the other zone leaders for it and who was my comp? C choro! ha. Its was fun to work together again. Didn't have a whole lot of success but it was educational. So yeah. What else. From there zone leader council which is stressful but I'm growing to actually really like. I like to be in the guts of stuff and its really cool. Really have that feeling that you are part of something huge as you sit around a table with 12 young kids and a 60s/70s year old man and discuss the salvation of a good couple million people. No big deal. ;-) Funny thing is no one ever fights. Everything is based on opinion yet no real disagreements, disagreements but no hurt feelings or feeling like people aren't listening to you. Cool stuff. Then from there zone training meeting which went well I think. We even had the recent convert come and share his testimony with everyone to keep everyones sprits high. Was pretty funny. We tried to end but he said he wanted to say one more thing. So of course we say he can. And he starts telling us to cheer up because what we are sharing is the best. Be happy, God will help you. Ha. The man is basically still wet from the font and he teaches the thing we need to remember. Humbling but awesome. From there we did our usual weekly stuff. Then yesterday we were able to teach the person that S choro and I found spiritually housing and we have another appointment this week. That was a month and a half without a new investigator. Sigh. Good. Anyway. All good stuff. What else. Had the sister missionaries over? They ask for referrals? They help you fulfill your missionary responsibilities? If not they failed! Hahahahahahaha. Yes I'm evil and the missionaries will probably never want me to invite them over because I will grill them. But yeah. Austria and Idaho......thats interesting. People think its funny that I have no recollection of missionaries. Sometimes the bishop would have them stand up at church. I saw them serving hot chocolate at the institute at USU. I think we invited them over when dad was bishop. Thats about it. This week was not transfers next week is because this transfer is longer. But yeah. O choro is probably gone. Scary to have to run this place after him. Hope all is well with you peeps. Thanks for working out the schooling. I still would like to at least stay somewhat in the loop. Have a wonder week.