Monday, March 18, 2013

Excited for Splits in Furukawa

Hey family. What up? So busy week this week......well kinda. Lets see. I felt like there was a lot I left out of last weeks email but I cant really remember what. We had a baptism here this last Saturday. "N". He's from Canada and is fluent in French, English, and basically fluent in Japanese. Been in Japan for 6 years and makes apps for a living(Hence I never talk with him because I know I couldn't focus at that point). But it went well. Lots of people came to the baptism including "S"-san the self-referral from around Christmas that we passed to Izumi. It was nice to see him and he seems to be doing well with going to church and all that jazz. Also was interesting because they said the baptism prayer and he was confirmed in English which I'm not sure they ever got permission except from me. Ha. But it was for Nicolas more than it is for the members so I was all for it. He gets the priesthood next week. Ok so mother you can't get mad at this comment but it made me laugh because it shocked me at the bluntness. So after the baptism president came to watch and he walks up to me and says, "....Elder Carter.....come by the honbu someday and we can get you some new white shirts......this one has seen better days." Ha. Now don't be sending me white shirts mother! There are about a billion and a half cheaper and better ways to get them here but it was way funny. It got better because I think he felt guilty after for saying it because he kept coming up to me after and saying things like, "Its just cause you are working so hard in it." "You're strong, you know I don't have anything against you" etc. I didn't really care. I told him I would take them to get dry cleaned and he seemed to agree that that would probably be good enough. Good stuff. Then this week we have the Ringwood choro conference. Elder Ringwood is our Area president so we are pretty excited about it. Its not a mission conference but still. Half the mission will come to our meeting. Its going to end up being a lot of prep by us but oh well. The poor Relief society is making 70 meals. What else. Tonight we are going to Furukawa for splits tomorrow. I'm way excited to work there again. I may just plan it myself. I think N choro is excited too because its always fun to work with someone that has been in the area before because they have a lot of crazy ties and can work with members but also are only there for a day so they can be bold. Yep, way excited. Other than that not a whole lot going on. As for my language skills being "as like it is my native language" I'm basically convinced that the fulfillment of that prophesy is that I just won't be able to speak English either. Still not good at this language. Abby knows the word "place" thats impressive. Baby A bosses the dog around, just a matter of time. Hope you all have a good week.