Monday, January 23, 2012

New Investigators

At a member's birthday party

Hey peeps.

So I will start with investigators. So the farthest along one is the old Q who has the baptism date for the fifth (not going to make it because he won:t be coming to church this week and he still has to come at least one more time before). He is pretty solid. He is the reason I email later recently. We teach him lessons on Mondays. He is pretty good. He just needs more faith. This last week he followed the word of wisdom (although he didn:t think he did because he drank tea but it was ok tea (I can never be a senior companion for this reason, I don:t know which teas are ok and what aren:t)). He asks funny questions though, like does God speak Japanese. And he makes me pray in english to start lessons and to be honest I almost forgot how. He will make it.....I think. He is super busy which always scares me and he lives super far away. Never a good combination.

New investigator "H"san. She is a referral from the grandma like woman. She used to go to a catholic church and kinda missed christianity. she comes to eikaiwa(English class) each week. We were able to do a quick lesson this last week and after when we talked to the member that referred her she said she was super excited to hear more so it will go slowly, but things should go well with her.

Our other new investigator we taught last Sunday and set a more concrete appointment for yesterday but alas he wasn:t home. Sigh. I really had high hopes for him. Still do. Only time will tell. He is another once-a-weeker which is always annoying because you prep all week and then if they aren:t home its all for not.

Oh and we taught "T"san again! Yay. After a month of trying she was finally home. Again set a more concrete appointment.....we think. So that should be good.

Oh and we now have two children investigators that are the children of one of our members. The husband isn:t a member but it seems he says they can do what they want. He is super nice.

Anyway back to a bunch of random things.

Question, can you iron suits. Could be helpful for one of my suits since its always under my jacket and gets a little wrinkled.

Recently I have sewn strange things. Gloves, basically tights, etc. Still stink at it but my sewing holds well.

Ok so this branch is crazy. They had a ton of fun! All the time. Kinda not reverent but they are all the best of friends which is good and they do fun weird things. For example. To start sunday school they played this game where the teacher picked someone and then they would pick someone else and try to tempt them into doing something. It was super funny. Not sure what the objective was but still.

Oh I gave a talk in church. Everyone seemed asleep and I:m not sure if anyone understood but whatever.

What is American food? I dont really know what is actually just American food. I get asked a lot.

Its not a quite a scarf I wear and I received it from Shinno choro

Oh my goodness you picky people! I even like miso soup! Psh. Thats all I have to say about that, who's picky now?

~2/24 Elder Oaks comes

My ears are fine, I sent the stuff to alyssa so ask her.

You sent me stuff? This is why I can:t tell you people the truth. I say I:m cold and you start sending stuff. psh.

Ok so yesterday we were housing and we hit this house and it was this old lady so I start to introduce myself. *Are you Christians?* Nothing good ever starts this way. *Well yes we are* *My daughter is Christian* Well good for her I think. *She goes to a Christian church in Aizuwakamatsu* Hm. Well at least I have something to connect with this women with (I imagine its the same other places but everyone here thinks all christian churches are the same). *Oh thats cool, actually about a month ago I lived in Aizu* *Oh really. Yeah she:s part of the .....matsu.....jitsu* (Latter day) I about jumped out of my skin. *What is her name?* Yep it turns out I knew them very well and ate dinner with them a couple of times! Ha. Super awesome but it gets better. So we get back to the apartment and Yamatani choro says *I want to find more out about this family.....lets see if the AP's will let us call Aizu* I:m not going to fight that. So 5 minutes later I:m talking to my daddy! (Shinno choro) Ha. I won:t lie it was as good if not better than the christmas call. (sorry). So quick run down.
New missionaries Japanese sucks, its killing Shinno choro, made me laugh.
Sakkai san is a crazy strong member throwing referals out like candy.
"Y"san is still having some issues
So we had this potential investigator that Shinno choro always felt like we should visit but he was always busy. They finally got a lesson with him and when they extended the baptism commitment he says, *Oh I was already baptized into your church* What!? Ha yep. Super funny although it gets cooler. His daughter now wants to meet the missionaries.

Ok so Yamatani choro just told me we have a lesson in like 10 minutes. He doesn:t tell me a lot of things. Peace out. Sorry I:m not including a lot of stuff. More later.