Monday, December 24, 2012

Death by food

Hey what up family!

Kinda suprised to actually get a letter today from you. Half expected to come to nothing.  Yay for being wrong.  Anyway.  This week was busy. (Yes I know I always say that ).  We had two splits this week, one in Nagamachi with a missionary by the name of "E" choro and another with "S" choro who is in the same apartment as me.  They were good.  "E" choro...... that was an adventure.  Also spent some time with President as his joint talking to a nearby assisted living place to see if we could use their gym for activities, carol there, or do serve there.  Ha. Its terrifying to be with the man.  Walks in like he owns the place but it all worked out. Wouldn't let us carol but the other two seem to be success.  Then "S" choros split was fun just because we biked to the top of the mountain. My last two areas really haven't had mountains but this one does. Whoof! You get outside of the city and its terrifying.  Its like going back in Yokote.  It was funny because "S" choro has been in small areas too so when we arrived we just looked at each other and realized how comfortable we are in such an area. Ended up not even being able to meet the person we wanted to but oh well.  

After that there was a lot of preparation for the Christmas party this last saturday.  We got given a lot of things to do not only for missionary work but also just to help the ward so that kinda killed a lot of our time.  It turned out way good I think though and there were a lot of non-members that members had brought.  So that kept us busy but we like that kind of busy.  Then last night we got invited to Sister "F"'s house. Now a little backround on this woman. She is the cook for President and Sister "R". I think she is a professional cook. She is also a translator, therefore her english is probably better than mine.   Anyway. This woman is known throughout the mission for trying to kill missionaries with food each transfer.  I have been terrified since I came here and lo and behold it happened last night.  Ha. Just to show you how it happens you walk in. There is no room for your own plate because the table is covered so much and then there is three bottles of pepto bismol on a nearby table.  I don't even know where she got this pepto bismol beacuse it is not sold in Japan.  She also had a turkey. I haven't had turkey in a year an a half. Japanese people have never eaten it in their life. I had to show them how. They tried to eat the legs like chicken. Ha. Which brings me to my next part. didn't teach me how to carve a turkey......this became a problem because nobody knew how so they look at the americans and everyone just whimped out so I had to. Not that I'm prideful but I did a fine job but still. Probably would have been better if I had a little training. But yeah we all about died. There was pizza too with about a pound of cheese on each slice. Which I'm sure your probably thinking. "Elder Carter (It feels weird to even call myself my first name) would love that" I haven't eaten cheese in forever and even when I do its in very small quanitities because if the product comes from a cow its way expensive here.  Anyway. I could go on and on about this meal but yeah.  Then today we are going to go caroling and then go to the Honbu Family Home Evening.  Then tomorrow just a normal day of missionary work. Fun Christmas right? I thought so.  

Anyway, sounds like you will have an interesting Christmas too with no children.  Glad to hear Atreyu had a merry Christmas and that he is a grateful little human.  There will be no Christmas cake for us. You have to order those like 3 months in advance. 

Anyway. Always only report on the strange things and never the actual missionary events. Sorry. Come up with lots of questions tomorrow and I will try to answer. Still not really anything on my list of things to talk about.  Anyway. Talk to you (For real) tomorrow.