Monday, May 21, 2012

New companion

Hey family! Whats up? It was good to hear from you all last week. As everyone mentioned the time went by fast. Kinda felt like I didn't talk about anything of substance, they always tell us to plan what we are going to say and to share experiences but I'll be honest I just share them all in the emails so yeah. Nothing left for the calls. So we had splits this week and I got a chance to meet Steve Howells old investigator but she was too busy so we only got a chance to talk for like 3 minutes. It was really too bad, hopefully I get another chance to go talk to her in the future with splits. Oh and happy birthday mother. Ok just because this basically all that happened this week might as well get on with it. So Mead choro got suddenly transferred to Hachinohe and my new companion is also my old MTC kohai his name is Elder Chipman and he is from Apple Valley. Crazy eh? Back to your lives. Holy cow freaky to see mandy in a wedding dress. Just going to say that much. Thanks for the package, some good stuff. Spiffy tie. I wll be sure to wear it. Takahashi san came to church again. yay! She never showed for our appointment this week. To be honest we didn't teach anyone this week. Sad. Oh well hopefully Takahashi san can do it. Kinda super short today but yeah. Thats all for today.