Monday, February 20, 2012

Elder Oaks is coming

Dear Family

So what to write about.....

This week was super relaxed and nothing too special. After the police last week, nothing seems too exciting anymore. Didn't meet with Chiba san, hopefully this week we will be able to. "H"san:s lesson went well. Set a baptism date for 4/8 which is super far away (although Mandy had dates a year in the future so who knows). She is a hard one but she has a desire to learn so we have to help her turn the hope and desire to learn into faith . And at that point I think she will be perfectly awesome. "S"san our buddhist friend is getting better too. She told us she knows what we teach is good and if her son gets married she could pass her buddhist responsibilities onto him and she would be baptized. Sadly the son doesn't look like he will ever get married. Thats basically it for our close investigators. We have a lot of investigators but don't meet with them every week. Thats the simple update of the investigators. These emails are hard to talk about them because there is so much related to them. I think about these people 24/7 and it's kind of hard to condense a persons life down especially to a number. I kinda dislike key indicators. District Leader: "Did they progress?" "Yeah, she is really building faith I think." "Then why do you have zero progressing investigators?" "Well she didn't fit that specific requirement" Sigh.

So we taught a lesson to a recent convert at the request of the area presidency on temples and how to get there. It was a disaster. Yamatani choro, our ward mission leader, and I did not know what we were talking about. We know she has to wait a year but she is not married so can she get an endowment?

Also is baptisms for the dead after a year also? PMG wasn't clear on that. Couldn't find the temple interview questions anywhere. Sigh. At least she knows temples exist now.

Elder Oaks comes this week so prep for that should be fun. All of the Aomori zone is coming to stay the night; 8 more elders in our apartment, so yeah. Then practicing singing, traveling, other prep. All good stuff. Basically that's it for this week. Love you all. Talk to you next week.