Sunday, January 29, 2012

The interesting thoughts a Missionary gets to hear

Hello Friends and Family.

Let us begin. This week I should have enough time.

We shall start with investigators.

First "C"san. He is our farthest along. He has a baptism date for next sunday but thats impossible so we will probably change it to the last week of next month when we meet. He is doing good but his job is super busy so he can:t come to church which is his biggest problem. Also I would like him to have a little more desire to be baptized but hopefully that will just come as he keeps his commitments and stuff. We found him from a previous Furukawa elder that was in Yamatani choros old area. When he left said to look him up and we went from there. Basically taught him.

Really its probably impossible to update on all the investigators. We have a ridiculous amount. None of them are really really strong but still its good. "H"san is good. We had another 30 minute lesson this week. Basically said hello, turned on the Restoration DVD and then after it when I was in the middle of testifying she cut me off and said,"its over 30 minutes, lets end, you say the prayer." Ha. Not how I really wanted to end. Met a new investigator that Yamatani choro found on splits this week. She is super pregnant. Gave us a good thing to go off of. Hopefully she is good. Time will tell. Not much else happened with the Aizu grandma. We visited her again yesterday but it was super cold, she had a cold, and she felt the need to remind us that she is buddhist. Whatever.

Yesterday at church we had a big meal after. It was sweet. Brought me back the USU and our "linger longers" Also the other week (good english right?) we met this old lady that used to go to a protestant church and we asked if we could meet with her and share the message and she said she wanted to come to church first (normally that goes the other way but oh well) So she came yesterday (walked like 5 miles in the snow to get here, refused to get a ride). I think she was a little disappointed in church. "Where is your minister?" "Don:t really have one, all volunteers." "There is no cross". "Yeah in this church we don:t use the cross image" "You have different hymns" "....and the same ones" That kind of feeling the whole time. She was so opposite than normal. everyone always thinks we do super weird things in church and when they see it, it's not. We normally get something along the lines of "Well this is.....normalish. A bunch of people grouped together learning about something." But this lady wanted more ordinances and actions. Interesting.

After the food we had a concert. Interesting.

So I might have added this in my last email but I feel like my language skills are getting better than they have ever been but more than ever I get told by people they don:t understand me or they won:t tell me that, but they don:t understand like when I ask questions and they just nod, not a yes or no question. Whatever. I guess it will take time.

We had splits this week and last. It was good. I either hate or love splits.

Ok, you hear the strangest thoughts from people as a missionary and you also see prophesies fulfilled. For example: The other night we were housing(tracting) and met a protestant. Talked for a little bit and we asked what the her church's view of other christian churches was. "Oh we don:t really have a problem with other christian churches."' "So no problem with us?" "Well you have the Book of Mormon......that:s weird" Can you say "A bible, a bible we don:t need another bible?" Sigh. Also our wonderful Coffee feeding lady. We taught the first part of the plan of salvation the other day with her and when I asked her what she thought life before this life was like she gave me that she was an animal that was obedient. And because of this she became a human and then basically at the judgement she will get judged if she will live again on earth. If so as what, or if she will go to a kingdom of glory. I don:t know how to respond to some of these thoughts! Sigh.

So today was transfers. Lot of interesting things happened but of course I didn:t move. Another transfer here in Furukawa with Yamatani choro.

.So there you go. That shall do for this week. Love you all. Talk to you later.