Monday, September 24, 2012

Some weeks are rough

Well here we are at another week and boy was it a brutal week when we looked at it in the end.  Total of 3 lessons when normally its closer to ten. No one progresses, no one at church, no new investigators, etc. Ouch.  Little embarrassing to report our results last night. Oh well though. Just need to keep working hard.  Anyway.  

But yes this week EVERYTHING fell through. We were lucky to even get the three lessons in.  We had one day where our whole day's plans and backup plans all failed in 45 minutes. Partly we could have just planned better but still thats was disheartening especially for Hunt choro.  He absolutely despises tracting.  But oh well. Make him do it anyway and he's a good sport about it.  

Also part of the problem was also being out of town for part of the week for zone conference. (Leave the day before to go to kitakami, all day zone conference, come home the next day).  But zone conference is always good.  Its kinda like general conference to me.  Get revved up a little and then can go out with a hunger to share the gospel.  Although that day also was an adventure and a half.  But at all zone conference we have a "sudden role play" where people get called up to role play in front of the zone.  And as you may have already guessed, "H" choro and I were called up.   This three weeks under his belt and he's taking care of business. I was pretty proud of him.  We also had a little more of a plan than last time but yeah he trusted that when I would look to him I had him set up to say what he needed to say. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  But it was kinda fun.  

Learned lots of stuff and then after all the trainers got together and the trainees got together for separate meetings to talk about the training.   My whole district is training right now, Its actually kinda funny.  The average "age" of our zone right now is a transfer and a half. WAY YOUNG!!!!  Anyway.  Other than that it was a lot of knocking doors this week.  Watched that Elder Holland movie twice this week.  I have been able to add another phrase to my phrases   "I don:t want to practice this lesson" "Feed my sheep!"  But it works, he  just laughs and then does it.  

Also president "R" and Sister "R" came to our branch on Sunday. Thats about terrifying and a half.  But the members loved him and he loves the members and, well, he's just president so it was fun.  Had a "linger longer" type thing after so yep lots of fun.  Anyway. I think that does it for this week. Always just a bunch of random stuff.  Love you. Hope all is well with you guys.