Monday, October 15, 2012

General Conference

Hey family.
How was your week this week?  This week was again way WAY slow.  I just dont get it! Can't get out of this rut but not all is bad. Conference is always way enjoyable so we enjoyed that greatly over the last 2 days.  Overwhelmed with gospel knowledge though.  Nevertheless we loved it.  We were slightly disappointed with Elder Holland.  He is always good for a good yelling about there is no time left.  Oh well. We love that talk. 

 We had an investigator come to church this week for the first time so that was interesting for her for her first time to be general conference.  And  it got even more exciting when between sessions we were just walking around talking to members and she comes up to us with a member that she had known clear back from investigating 10 years ago and he comes up to us and asks how often we meet with her.  The  answer, well actually she doesn't have any interest in the gospel and doesn't want you to visit her.  "Why?"   Well she has never really wanted to listen for various reasons, eh?   She's a japanese old woman, she can't say no to you.   Apparently she did once and the missionaries back then cried.  Sigh.  So that was fun.  I love Japanese people but they need to get a little bolder.  Sigh.  So that was an adventure.  

Other than that it was just a lot of knocking doors and such this week.  We start the new eikaiwa this week so that shall be fun.  Other than that lets see.  There are really no exciting stories when you spend your whole week knocking doors and finding no one.  In two weeks we have a meeting with Elder Grow from the 70 so that will be fun.  It will also be on a Monday so we will have to email a different day.  Not a whole lot other than that. 

Random request, not sure if I will be able to do it but could you send me the recipe for pumpkin pie?  I want to try to make it, maybe for eikaiwa or something.  Knowing from last year they don't really have pumpkin pie here.  Since I have a few more minutes and no more content to write about I will say random things.  So in the movie "Finding Faith in Christ" in English there is a part where they are on the sea and wake up Christ and he says "Peace, be still"  Well its a lot more....interesting in Japanese.  He says the equivalent to "shut up and be quiet."  The first time I saw that it made me laugh. Especially since he whispers it.  Well that the only random thing I have.  Love you all talk to you next week. 
Elder Carter