Monday, November 19, 2012

Transfer to Kamisugi!

So hello family for the last time from Yokote!
But more about that later.
I guess there isn't a whole lot to say about this week.  We tried to meet investigators like always but......well it didn't happen this week.  No LAs even which is too bad although Brother E (might have talked about him before) finally made it back from biking to Tokyo and back.  We were honestly a little concerend he had died on the way. Hes in his 60s.  But weren't able to do a lesson with him though. That was too bad.  Really hoping I would be able to meet more people this week considering I figured I would transfer and all.  Nevertheless this is the way it worked out. I think I might have talked about trying to teach the "K" family before. We pushed forward with that idea and invited them and....drum roll.  Squat happened.  Said that all the kids were too busy right now and so they didn't want to do it.  Little depressing.  Kinda hoping that would have worked out.  Nevertheless.  We also called up "T"-san our referral from tsuroka and he said he was going to come to church so we were way exicted about that but he didn't end up coming.  Ha. Tis my life.  I hope I don't curse Sendai too.  Also yesterday it snowed for the first time and I remembered how painful it was. Not because it was cold but biking and having little floating pieces of ice thrown into yoru eyes it terrible.  Ha.  Oh well. Sendai doesn't get as much snow. So....yeah. Anyway. Thats kinda it for the work this week.
Exciting that you were able to go to the movie Lincoln in all its 2 and a half hours of goodness.  Twilight...bleh. ;-) Sounds like it will be a fun thanksgiving too.  Fun fun stuff. We finished our thanksgiving feast this week in the Yokote apartment.  It took like 2 weeks but we got through all the food.  Ah man, I want to take part in this Steven teasing too!!!!! You must tease in behalf of me.
So yes transfers.  Always a fun time for the mission.  We just sat and stared at the phone for most of the morning.  I tried to take a video of the call again but it didn't record it again. Stupid camera.  Oh well.  So yes I will be transfered to an area called Kamisugi.  Basically downtown Sendai.  From possibly the smallest area in the mission to the biggest. Awesome.  We have a thing we call here call the *Inaka Noroi* (Countryside Curse) which basically means if you were *born* in a not well populated place you will always not be in a not populated place and I was definitely living up to the curse but apparnetly I have broken it.  But the plot thickens.  One. My new companion is "O" choro so again a japanese elder which I'm happy about. I like having japanese comps, helps my japanese. Especially him.......he speaks WAY fast!.  2. You probably don't remember this(or I didn:t tell you) he was a elder in my district when I first came here so I've done splits with him.  He is known in this mission as the obedient to over exactness missionary.   So it will be interesting to see if he has been broken or is the same straight crazy man he has always been.  (He plans to the minute (Ex. So we will knock on the first door and if they answer it will take 3 minutes but if they don:t maybe a minute)) Should be fun.  And the final exciting part. When I say exciting and mean terrifying. Going to be zone leader there of the biggest zone in this mission.  AH!!!!!! With President on my doorstep.  Terrifying! Very little stays the same in this transfer.  With change also come excitement.  I:m excited to see what all becomes of this.  Possibly a challenging companion , etc.  I:m sure I will miss my Yokote some.  Its been a lesson filled 6 months that went by very quickly.  Always remember the people here. Fun we had. Lessons learned. Etc.  Same with all of the mission I think.  Nevertheless.  All sorts of fun stuff. Only time will tell what actually becomes of it all. 
So thats it for today. Ship out Wednesday evening so still a little time.  Then by next week I will be in an area with a people come an everything.......and students.........people willing to change...... Shall be fun.
Love you all.