Monday, January 21, 2013

Especially Snowy

Hey everyone How was everyone's week? Hope it was all good. Well truth be told not a whole lot to report on this week. We got blasted with snow like Sendai has never known. I was joking with another elder that we are sick of members and the people talking about how special the weather is at that point. "This summer is especially hot" "Especially snowy" "Especially Rainy" "Especially cold" Why can't we just have normal? Thats all we ask. Oh well. Then lets see, we weren't able to meet with any investigators this week. That was too bad. Although we were finally able to meet with a 16 year old LA that "O"-choro has been working with since August. That was cool. A lot different than the normal LA vists. Had him come to the church, showed him around, talked about his hobbies and family while eating snacks and said a pray and that was it. Oh well. Little different to work with youth. What else happened this week. Really not a whole lot. We had our stake missionary coordination meeting again which this time it was the two of us, the stake presidency, and President "R" with 50 of sister R's cinamon rolls, talking for an hour and a half at table. Stressful but it really was cool. I think it was somewhere in my missionary setting apart that it talked about working with leaders on the mission and that has definitely come true. I'm just in awe of these people and their experiences and the ridiculous things that do. Not just president but the stake presicdeny are way cool and bold and loving and all that jazz. It really was a cool experience to be able to sit down and talk with them. Sadly the conversation always is about unfortunate things. Recent converts that are now LA, baptism dates falling through, etc. But still try to throw in some joy too. And then this week I'm doing my first baptism interview which is terrifying and we'll see how that goes. He seems pretty awesome so it shouldn't be a problem but yeah. Well short today like always but there you go.