Monday, November 7, 2011

First transfer, I'm staying put

A little proselyting

Something is funny!

Pondering in the field?

Hi Family,

Random facts: They mix the salt and pepper together in one shaker. How lazy is that///?

Another random dendo thing, so we will ask people if we can meet on a certain day again and they tell us, *well thats my day off* First time I heard this I thought *perfect* although apparently they don:t do anything but sleep on days off!
We have run into this strange religion a few times. Not sure the name but basically it is made of two things. (1)In order to be saved all you have to say is this phrase which is super hard to say so to be funny Shinno choro always asks them why I (Carter Choro) can:t be saved because I:m american and can:t pronounce it. (2) And then to die with a smile on your face. Super weird. We don:t really fight with them but after so much rejection and slammed doors its kinda nice to just discuss religion. Ha.

Restaurants here along with being super expensive are also strange in that a lot of them have you cook your own food. There is just this big grill in the middle of the table and you cook your food on it that they bring to you, very interesting.

Today we found out about transfers! Of course Shinno Choro and I are staying but Cannon Choro is leaving (can:t remember where) and Fukata Choro is training and becoming DL. Crazy. So we will be getting a new bean in our apartment! I feel like he is already going to be better than me. Lucky boy is also going to be walking into a baptism like 2 weeks after he comes (Cannon Choro isn:t so thrilled about that either). To be honest Cannon Choro is not happy at all with this transfer. He really wanted to stay in Aizu to tie some lose ends up (this baptism and his baptism from a month ago already went LA (less active) so he wan:ts to work with her) and he really wanted to be a trainer. It shall be super interesting to see which one of my kohai (greenies from the MTC) it is. Exciting! This also means I am the *language expert* for my apartment. Sigh. No way I:m ready for that. Also means I will be running Eikaiwa (English class) from now on. Stressful!

Ok onto things that actually kinda matter. This week have been kinda a weirdish one. We had service on Tuesday so that was fun. Then wednesday we were suppose to meet R san again (or endosan can:t remember which name I told you last time, same person (kinda annoying that they go both by first name and last name here) ). But he spoked (didn:t show) so that was concerning. We also had had a member lined up to help us teach so we felt bad about that too. Then on sunday we set another appointment with him and he spoked that too. We really don:t know whats wrong. When we call he sounds super excited to me. As I expressed last time he seemed so prepared. Sigh!!!!.

Ssan didn:t come to church but that may be because we couldn:t meet with him this week because his wife answered the door and was quite opposed to us talking with him (if she even knew). Y is interesting. We had like 3 lessons with her this week and we are pretty sure she has a learning disability therefore she forgets a lot so that has slowed down her teaching alot but she is still keeping commitments. Made it through page 5 of the Book of Mormon she came to FHE friday and dinner after. Came to church yesterday. She is doing quite well. We also set a baptism date with her (really weak date but still a date). So right now possibly our best investigator. Finally the couple that we taught last sunday we taught again yesterday. We taught the restoration. Last time we had left a book of mormon and strangely the man read the title page and the woman didn:t read it but read our pamphlet again. We hadn:t committed them to either so we were good with both these answers. Then she starts asking about the nature of God, Jesus Christ, and who Joseph Smith is. Ha. I had to bite my lip to help from laughing at how wonderfully she just set us up for a lesson. The man didn:t actually have a problem with the first vision strangely because he thinks a lot of people have visions. She had a little problem but still was accepting. There is a lot I could say about them. Our biggest obstacle with her (H san) is this man who we don:t know if he is her husband or dad. Ha. Well I guess I will have more info next week. So lets see. Today we are having a sports activity because our whole branch is basically over the age of 30 or younger than 15 so getting investigators fellowshippers is difficult so we are bringing them all together in a common liked thing of sports, should be fun. Hope it is well attended. Well out of time.

Love you all. Hope all is well at home. Send my love to little abs and A. Talk to you again next week.