Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preaching to the police

So here we are at another email. And to be honest it doesn:t feel like I have a whole lot to say this week but I will say what I have.

So this week during personal study I found again my mission goal type thing that I had before I left that I borrowed from the USU ward mission leader. Alma 29:9.....I think. Check it out.

Ok so the fun experience from this week happened Tuesday. We were housing and we get to our 3rd door. I ring, man asks who we are from behind the door as sometimes happens. Anyway I introduce us, he says a lot of things I don:t really understand. So I just thank him for his time and say bye (he didn:t sound too happy either so I felt this was best). Anyway I'm halfway down the stairs when I hear him open the door. Sometimes this also happens with me when people don:t understand me and know that Yamatani choro is there. So Yamatani choro introduces himself but he gets the same angry response. The man asks what we are doing and why. We happily answer these. Then he picks up his phone and dials a number, I assumed what was happening at this point and confirmed when I heard the word 'keisatsu" (police). So he really hates us to the level that he won:t even wait for the police with us and goes inside. So we chillax there fore like 30 minutes. Get some stuff ready for them, ministerial certificate, my alien card, our business cards, etc. So the police car pulls by but starts to pull away. This man had already wasted like 30 minutes of our time, so we didn:t want to wait any longer so we ran the cop car down. We get the "You're wasting my time" look from him but he gets out of the car and asks what we want. Yamatani choro then explains that he probably had just gotten a call about two strange christian men and that we were them. His countenance completely changed. Ha. He just laughed and started filling out the report. Asked some business questions. Then started asking more not business questions. "Why are you doing this? Oh cool. You teach english too? Sweet. Its free?!" Ha. Turned into a miniature lesson. Kinda super fun. Shinno choro told me to dendo the police if they ever were called on me so thats what we did. They ended up with flyers, church map and worship time, and my business card.

Random japanese comment. I found out gray in japanese is *mouse color* weird

We had interviews with President Rasmussen this week. Pretty stressful but interesting. That man can get in your head and he does not mess around. Starts listing off names of members and investigators. "Tell me about them?" "What do they need? What are doing to help them? How could you improve working with them?" I about peed my pants. Also talked about home life which was much more chillaxed and kinda funny because we talked about Mandy and Steve for like 5 minutes. He also said one thing that has racked my mind. "You know why I took you out of Aizu and put you with Yamatani choro right?" .......I don:t know! Ha. He didn:t answer this question for me either. Yes I have learned a lot from being left to die at times by him but I really don:t think President Rasmussen wants to make people suffer. Also an interesting but terrifying thing. In the next two transfers They are replacing 1/4 of the missionaries in the mission. That means half our mission will be in some kind of training senario. Add to this that the MTC has decided that missionaries can learn Japanese faster in the field so they will be sending them 4 weeks sooner. This adds up to a bunch of beans coming in that know less Japanese! Ha. Terrifying.

Random comment. So the church here just got internet so yesterday they were trying to decide if we the missionaries could use the internet with an old computer they had here so we didn:t have to bother the members for their internet stick thing. So they show me the computer and its like a 10 year old Mac! Ha. Sweet. Super slow and it had a password that no one knew so I thought to myself. What would Jesus do? He created the earth right? So he doesn:t want us to throw away computers. So.....I decided it was ok to hack into it. Hence now I:m on it. Felt good to be back into the guts of a computer again. Also they want me to make a website homepage for an LA. Still torn over this. 1. Kinda against the rules ish. However President has been telling me to use my talents to help people so...... Maybe he will let me do it.

Anyway. This week with investigators was hard again. We talked to Chiba san today but he is busy until next week. Hoshi san is doing good. She felt the spirit in the lesson which was awesome and kinda funny to see her super confused of what was happening. Also another investigator is slowly opening up to us.

Also this week when housing I made my first like "all me" new investigator. Run the door bell introduced ourselves, did a short lesson, therefore she became an investigator. Kinda weak one but its was a first for me.

Random comment. Have you ever considered fedexing things? Maybe its more expensive but maybe its cheaper... I don:t know.

Ok super random but you should look up a Michael E from Las Vegas on facebook. If his facebook page is open you will be able to find a video, its the video of the Sendai mission Christmas video.... yeah.

Another random request. So if you ever have quick updates on the american election with Mitt Romney or Huntsman give them to me. I hate politics but it comes up a lot here.

I never knew you wanted to be a coach mother... a lot of things I don:t know about this whole volleyball business.

I know you feel a duty with these packages but still I would request you ok them by me first. Not a third world country, I can get stuff here and I do buy stuff here so when you send stuff I already have its not so helpful. Feel the love but we can be smarter about this.

Anyway. Kinda a poor email this week but between this slow computer and not a whole lot happening thats what happens.

Love you all. Hope all is well with you. Talk to you next week.