Monday, July 30, 2012

No email, but two baptisms!!

For Kyle's readers.....the library that he had been emailing from decided to ban email from their facility. His town is small, and there are not many options for emailing, so for the present, he is sending hand written letters until he finds a new place. Dear Family, Sigh. This email problem is going to kill me. I will try to solve it as soon as possible. It doesn't help that Miyaki Choro doesn't like emailing really so I have been figuring out all of this stuff by myself. Frustrating. Anyway. Wow, you have missed some good stuff. So try your best reading this letter. So what has happened over the last two weeks? A lot. So first off, the Kakisakis got baptized!! That's a story for another day (when I return). But it went well. For the most part everything was perfect and they took the plunge. Then yesterday they got confirmed. That was funny because we thought we had explained it well enough, but when they called them up front in Sacrament meeting, they kind of freaked out. After a little explanation they were fine, but it was a learning experience. It was a learning experience with all of it. Thats one thing that never stops. Also, I'm constantly being humbled. There are times when my prayers are basically, "Why?" I've decided that I just want to go back to Junior Companion. We also had transfers recently. Miyaki Choro and I didn't change, but 3 district members changed. We also received an Australian missionary. She is crazy cool. The other two were in the MTC with me. Which brings us to the next drama. When I was first put with Miyaki Choro he told me he absolutely didn't want to meet "K" shimai (Sister "K") They come from the same area and have some weird history which has caused him to despise her, but he won't tell anyone why. So, I get the call from the Zone Leaders about the changes to the district, and who is coming but K shimai. Miyaki Choro literally starts beating his pillow yelling, "No, no no! Daikairai kanojo" (No, no, no I hate her, I hate her.) Everyone in the zone knows he hates her because, well he has made it quite clear. When she tried to talk to him he ignored her, and when he has to convey information to her he does it through her companion who is right next to her. I'm sick of dealing with 16 year old girls. Sigh. So those are my rants. Other than the drama, the baptisms were awesome. Also we received a referral Saturday (which is unheard of in Japan). We met with him today and he brought a "friend." We are not sure of the relationship, but they aren't married. The lesson went great! They are true investigators who want to find the truth. We have a lesson with them again on Wednesday. So two investigators now...crazy and a half. Sorry I didn't get a chance to read your emails today so I can't really respond to those. Anyway, guess I will end here. Love you all. I'll write again next week. Sigh Elder Carter