Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello my family. Sorry about the whole not emailing thing last week. Apparently the library is closed every first monday so I need to seek some approval from president to email on a different day once a month. He will probably give it.

 Anyway. Training! Wow. Lots of fun experiences already. The most random of which was when we went to the training meeting for trainers we were all foreigners so we weren:t exactly sure what bus to ride but it seemed like the right one from the train station to the mission home. So we just chillaxed in the back and talked until the driver yells at us "destination!" Ha. Whoops. Wrong bus. So we get off and run down to a connecting bus.....doesn't come for the next 2 hours.....well thats not going to work. So we call the assistants. No luck they are busy in training the new missionaries. So we all just look at each other 4 kilometers from the mission home. What should we do? Then all our eyes lock onto the taxi coming up the road, "Shoganai" (nothing we can do about it). So I road my first taxi. Wow they are expensive! Ha. Anyway. Short training meeting and then "H" choro and I are off to Yokote.

 Not a whole lot with investigators except for "S" san. He and "T" san have come to church for the last two weeks. Its way awesome. I don:t really see him as "golden investigators" but all the japanese people do. Ha. Our branch president danced around with the other person that taught the lesson with us yesterday. I don't get it. Also he speaks like an old man so its way hard to understand. So I have my hopes up for him. The rest of the investigators are just continuing in their previous state. Fun stuff. What else do we have. Not a whole lot else to report. "H" choro is pushing me to be better. Which is good.

 Yay for Atreyu being ridiculously cute. I miss that little man. He:s growing up so much without me. Also I hope you are trying to help him learn my real name and not just "nerd*" like Kris is probably teaching him. ;-)

 I haven:t received this package yet. Soon maybe. 

Take that Utes. Thats all I have to say about that. ;-)

 So this is a little random and maybe hard to find on youtube or maybe way easy. B ut when we had our trainers training we had a little extra time so president wanted to show us this video. It was made by the people of Tohoku (northern japan, my mission almost exactly) and its all in english but it had all the sisters crying. Basically it starts with a home video of the earthquake. Kinda shows the devastation from that. Then words come on the screen "But that was just the beginning" Then tsunami footage. All the devastation. Basically this part of the video rips out your heart and stomps on in. Throws up all the statisitcs of how many people lost their homes and died and all that. "All hope was lost" ......"Almost all" Then there are interviews with these little kids that talk about their english teacher who helped them be safe in the earthquake. Then she went home and when the tsunami came was never seen. "Taylor sensei wasn;t the only one that helped us" Then a ton of footage of navy ships, helicopters, food falling from the sky. All this humanitarian footage. Way awesome. Makes you proud to be a human. "Now we have a message for our friend" Then in like 15 languages and 50 people theirs just these Japanese people yelling "Thank you" "We will never forget you" etc at the camera. Way awesome. Look it up. Then download it and put it on my camera card when you get the next one and send it to me.

 Anyway. Kinda weird email today. Love you all. Heres hoping for a better email next week.