Monday, July 9, 2012

Busy week in Yokote

Hey family! Hows it going? Hope everything is going well with you. So every week I write a list of things I want to write about and guess where that list is? At the apartment so this might be a short email. Sounds like things were still pretty busy this last week but that you are finally getting somewhat of a break that you deserve. Sounds like the reunion was really fun though. Glad to see that Atreyu is learning young the art of the flirt. That boy is really going to go places. ;-) And of course its great that Kreigh and them could all go. Doesn;t seem like those opportunities are coming around as often as before. I got the wedding video and watched it with my zone leader for splits. ;-) Ha. Even before I told the zone leader who made it he said, "Even though its basically the normal wedding video idea its really well done" So once again way to go Kreigh. But I fear his head is getting big with all this acclaim for his work so you can do better Kreigh. ;-) This week there was absolutely crazy rain. Everyone had been telling me it is the rainy season but there was like no rain. Then the heavens opened this week. Never seen so much rain in my life. Wow. Had the zone leaders sit in on my district meeting this week which to say the least was stressful. One of my zone leaders is Fukuda choro. If you don:t remember when I got into Aizu he was the other japanese person in the apartment so we are pretty tight. So anyway. Monday morning they called me and said that we were doing splits that friday ( which I knew) and that we should really have the "K"'s (mother and daughter) interview done a week early so that I needed to finish all the lessons that week. Well that was an adventure ending up with visiting every day of the week. Which our branch president was not happy about but its written in PMG as something you should do before baptism so I kinda ignored that. But anyway. They were both awesome leading up to the interviews. The daughter was the first one with the interview and Fukuda choro did that one. Came back that night and I asked him how it went. He kinda got sad and just shook his head and then Miyakichoro ruined it with, "She has had quite the past." Well that was a complete lie so I knew it was all a lie. They fessed up and then Fukuda choro went on to tell me his biggest problem with her is that she may have been too good. Ha. He was just in awe. Not just the right answers but the right reasons, feelings, etc. He was kinda left speechless. Really is the golden investigator. The mom did well too. Expressed it was difficult in her interview but that she was ready and wanted to. Great stuff. So that led into the great fun of planning this baptism. I feel like I understand the wedding planning now. They haven:t had missionaries here for years so there have been no baptisms and therefore we have to prove that all these 10 year old things still work including the "font" oh wow. I'm sending home a video of that and it is quite the adventure. Ha. But it will be good. So this week is going to be super busy. Tomorrow is splits in Kitakami. Wednesday is Leadership training in Morioka. Back to Yokote. Full of lessons. Then Sunday they get wet (baptized) So anyway. Fun stuff. Also good luck to father with his nasal surgery. I love how dad didn't even write anything about that in his letter. Mah. Everytime I get asked how the family is the answer is basically, "Good as far as I know but they wouldn't tell me if something was wrong" ;-) That basically it for today. Next week we will have the picture of the baptism so stay tuned. Love you.