Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Japanese Funeral

Hello family! 

How are  you all this week? Hope everyone is good.  Another busy week.  Things will eventually settle down I'm assuming but only time will tell. The big event of the week was of course Zone conference.  It basically took up all our extra time to get ready for it.  And we asked some of the sisters to do a musical number but they were way too shy and wouldn't do it so we had to throw together a hand bell arrangement (They love hand bells in Japan for some reason) so that was crazy.  

Oh and to add to it we got a call from our Stake President Monday night saying that if we had time to come to the church the next day.  We didn't have any appointments and we will do basically anything for the Stake President so we go and what is it.....a funeral..... Kinda.  So I don't know if I have already said this but I think its illegal to bury someone in Japan. Everyone is cremated so we walk in, we know its a funeral at this point but it took me off guard when the stake president walked in and put this big fancy white box on the table. I think, "Whats in the box.....oh wait" Yeah. Then it occured to me why he asked us to come..... Other than us there was the stake president, his wife, his daughter, the passed away man's sister and their two friends. We didn't even fill up the first row of seats. Way drepressing.  But now I can say I have been to a japanese funeral.  Anyway. 

Then Crazy preparations for zone conference. Have I said this is the biggest zone?  I could feel it as we set up chair and places for people to stand. But yeah. We barely made it in time. Oh then the mic broke.  So Everett choro (AP) and I are trying to get it to work and "S" choro has other stuff he wants to do so finally he walks up to us, looks at "E" Choro, gets on his knees, folds his arms, and says, "Lets do this" Ha. Half were inspired by his faith and half just laughed.  In the end we just told everyone to yell but nevertheless it was a good experience.  We did our sudden role play like always which was funny because this time, half just to mess with the sister because she couldn't speak japanese, we included the couple missionaries names in the possibitlities.  And yep, they got picked.  They did well though.  

Then we had our training which went long but was good.  I think.  Then lunch was straight crazy with the stake relief society taking care of business with the most amazing meal ever and then gift exchange which is always fun.  This year everything had to be red.  Then testimony meeting which was fun because before it we tried to surprise President but singing him a song but I think he already knew.  Oh well. It was cool.  Then we had the normal testimony meeting which I conducted which I about puked doing.  But the saddest part was at the beginning I said those going home before next zone conference should give their testimonies first and I start to sit down and I see "S" choro get up..... I about lost it. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess I knew this day would come sometime.  But he is awesome. Never really realized it back in the day. Then from there people always go long so I made little 3x5 cards that the first one said "Within 3 minutes please", Next, "You have 30 more seconds" and the last "That was a good go sit down" Ok so those aren't so funny in English but "S" choro just busted up at the japanese because it was way horrific and way like.....Sit your butt down. I made my father proud.  President also high fived me for it because he doesn't like people taking up lots of time.  

From there splits with "S" choro who was my kohai in the MTC which was fun.  Then Friday night Stake Missionary Coordination Meeting. Talk about more stress. Basically in our makeshift high council room with all the high councilors either sitting around the table or conference called (Skyped) in and then the two punk missionaries at the end telling all these high councilors and stake preisdent what to do.  Ha. Then getting asked a lot of questions that I don't know the answer to but in awe of the actual respect these people are showing us.   Then I look at the clock and its. 8:57 and we just look at the stake president, slightly bow and then run as fast as we can to make it back to the apartment in 3 minutes! Ha. I run way too much.  Anyway.  That was my week. Love you. Bye bye