Monday, March 25, 2013

Nice to go "home" to Furukawa

Hey family! Whats up? So lets report on another week! So we started off the week with heading to Furukawa which I was way excited for. I felt like a little kid looking out the window of the train as it came into sight. We had some extra time that night so we tried to visit an old investigator too but didn't work out cause they weren't home. It was a new experience for sure. Biking down the road and knowing exactly where to go and who we were visiting and such. Also some sweet vindication visiting some of these people that I tried so hard to get lessons with and coming back a year later to tell them they couldn't escape! Also visited to members which was way cool and definitely makes you feel loved when they see you and they just freak out with excitement. Apparently I was loved back there. Although I didn't get a chance to meet "T"-shimai (The baptism right after I left). But it was fun. The visiting authority was an adventure. Was a lot more running around than with the presiding bishop because there were a lot more moving parts; none of the least of which was making sure we were going to have lunch prepared by the relief society. But it was a good meeting. He is orginally a Korean guy so that was too bad but its a lot different having your area president come visit because he knows a lot more about us and what we go through so that was cool. Actually one of the better feelings I had about a general authority coming. The highlight because it was just hilarious and none of the Japanese elders understood it because it was in fast crazy English but we had a question and answer portion and so one of the elders wanted him to explain the vision of Eikaiwa since the area presidency changed it. So he goes through on how it hasn't really changed which was weird because it has. Then president, trying to help, adds. "I think what he is asking is since we don't share a spiritual message and don't pray..." to which he gets cut off "NO! We pray! We are a church and we will pray if you use our building."Ha. It became quite the thing. But anyway, it all ended well. This next transfer is ridiculous with missionaries coming. The onslaught of sister comes about June. So yeah So have a good week. Talk to you later.