Monday, July 2, 2012

She got baptized!!

Hey Family. Yay! doing this from a real computer this time. Ok so quick update from last week. Wow that seems like a long time ago. Had my first splits with an elder named OhoriChoro. Oh my goodness is he dilligent. He is still in his 3rd transfer is a trainer and schedules down to the minute (for example; at 5;12 we will arrive at this place and spend 4 minutes talking to this person). It was crazy. He is a great elder though. I learned a lot. from him. From there we had zone conference. So this is the power of President. He comes up to me. "Hey elder Carter" "Hey president" We Talk about Yokote for a little bit "So what do you think of sister "T"?" (Run through my head, there is no Sister "T" in Yokote) "....Think Furukawa elder." (There is no Sister "T" in Furukawa either......wait) "The baptism went through didn:t it!" The president just watched me dance for like the next 5 minutes. So yeah. Takahashi san got baptized. It was a good day. Yay. So then we had District Conference that next weekend which was a broadcast from Salt Lake for Japanese members. It was super weird. I didn:t even know they did that type of stuff. But it was cool. Finally we have the "K's" (the mother daughter investigators) They are what we like to call kinjins or gold people or probably in english the Golden Investigator. The daugher has read the JSH 7 times already and is on page 200 of the Book of Mormon. Loves church. Drank tea but gave it up because we told her to. Ha. Her mom is also doing great. A little worried about coffee but she is really working hard so thats awesome. They will have their baptism interview this weekend probably so if all goes well they will be baptized on the 15th. Super fast but great. Its ridiculous how prepared they are. Other than that this week was service in Miyako so it was fun to see all the missionaries that are in Iwate-ken, Akita-ken, and Aomori-ken including MeadChoro. He:s doing good. We came back. Did the regular missionary work for the next couple of days. Miyaki choro is kinda freaking out about time so yeah. Ha. This will be a little shorter of letter but things are going good. Ok so did you receive no videos? They weren:t copied to the same place as the rest of pictures so if you copied them by hand that might have been the problem. I back up all my pictures and stuff before I send them but I need to know if you have any videos or what. Other pictures missing. Some of those things you said you were missing were pictures not videos. Yep so I:m a little confused with all of that. Well anyway. I guess that will be all for today. A little short and you always hate those but oh well. Our church is in an old business so the rooms are actually just big cubicles. We email from this library like place, also where we do a lot of lessons