Thursday, June 21, 2012

Birthday Jello

With Elder Chipman Pondering...something He is getting pretty good at crouching Elder Carter wearing his wedding tie on Mandy's wedding day Hey newly added to family: Wow you know to make a man trunky in an email! Jeez. My life doesn:t really seem that exciting now that I have read about your last week. Although I knew when all of it was happening. Sitting on the train back from Yuzawa (yes I know don:t know where that is) trying to figure out the times in America it occurred to me that you were probably just waking up to get things underway. Pretty crazy thought. Although I handled it pretty good then. Reading those emails was worse though. Anyway I:ll get my stuff out of the way. So investigators. There are a lot of them here but most of them are eternal investigators for one reason or another. Either they don:t have the desire to go that last little push or they have something/someone holding them back so that is annoying. If all went according to plan yesterday (your time) Takahashi san got baptized but of course there is no way to find out. Actually I will be seeing the APs soon so I will probably just beat it out of them then. Other than that we have two good investigators. A mother and daughter. The daughter has a lot more interest then the mother I think or maybe is just vocal. The mother follows commitments so i:m not too worried about her, maybe she is just super quiet. We did two lessons this week and they are doing pretty good. Baptism date is 7/15 so gotta move fast. (I may have told you all this stuff before) Their names are the "K"s. Nice little mother and daughter. Thats basically it for the investigators. So have I ever expressed how high of quality my bike is? Well the thing that holds the gears on snapped in half this week so thats probably going to be super expensive and will take a month to fix. This same problem I have seen 4 other times among missionaries bikes. GT......why are you the devils bike company? So I found a bike in the storage shed of the church and the branch president told me to use it so its what I:m using now. Hard to describe. I will have to send you a piture sometime of this high quality product. So I had my first district meeting. That was stressful and a lot of it was cleaning up where the last district leader kinda forgot to, like making goals for June even though we are already halfway through. Oh well. Also it went 15 minutes over and....well yeah. Room for improvement! Wasn:t a complete failure though. A lot of really good missionaries in this district. Birthday was pretty normal. Some awesome used to be LAs but now super strong active members gave me this birthday jello (who knows) which was super nice. Other than that baked my own cake, used the stuff Lyssa sent, and had a little 10 minute party that night. Miyaki choro didn:t really know what was going on. Oh well. Nothing really different about the day. Miyaki choro took me out to dinner. That was nice of him. So onto the real news. Mandy is a married woman! Wow. Sounds like the wedding went off without a hitch....except the heat thing. Thats great though. Definitely send more pictures when you get them. I feel jipped still. Ha. As I kinda said above the day off didn:t really bother me that bad. Wore the tie and then just went off to work. Ok what is it with this Rochester mission. People marrying Zone leader and assistants. Are we sure they were focusing on their purpose in that mission ;-) Oh well. Yes you need to send that video. I will just sing I am a child of god super loud over the lovy music! I want to see it. Also good job dad. Yard looked awesome. Although you should also include a picture of your water feature thingy cause I still haven:t seen it and it intrigues me. I don:t know what else to say about that woman going off and getting married. Lots of feelings, no words. Never how I imagined the whole mandy getting married situation to go with me across the world but nothing we could do about it. Sigh. Well kinda a wimpy letter this week. Don:t know what else to say. Love you. Talk to you next week.