Monday, December 19, 2011

Transfer to Furukawa

So just like that (ok so it was 3 months) my time with the wonderful city of Aizu comes to a close (for only a season I pray, I would love to come back). Shinno choro gets a new American to train and I:m off to the north in a place called Furukawa (I think). Its part of the Sendai stake so that should be interesting. See how things change when I:m in a ward, maybe exactly the same. I:m going to be with two elders as companions by the names of Ogita choro (the only sendai missionary senpai I had in the MTC and met only once) and Yamakami choro (I think) (Labelled *The best teacher in the Sendai mission*)(Goes home after two transfers). Ogita choro also I have been told went to Snow College and graduated with a double degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. I haven:t decided if this will help or hurt or relationship. Should be interesting. So tomorrow we leave to Sendai so Shinno choro can get trained with his new bean and Wednesday I go to Furukawa. Fun stuff. That:s about all I know. More next week..... I think, not even sure if we will be able to email.

Ok so random thoughts.

One of the Americans in our branch made us banana bread and toffee. Oh my goodness you couldn:t have made me trunky faster!!! Oh well, it was delicious.

12 days have been fun to do, we play *guess the rhyme* with yours and *guess the present* with lyssa:s. Should be fun to transport all these presents in the transfers. Sigh. Also did you send three packages 12 days, present, and another? Not sure. All I know is I have a package that keeps trying to come when we aren:t at the apartment so if I don:t get it tomorrow i guess they will have to find a way to send it to me in Furukawa.

Investigators have been kinda less this week. We decided to put on hold all our weak investigators this week so we spent a lot of time with finding. However we did meet with three investigators.

S'san. Because of her wanting to get baptized on Sunday and because she was in Aizu for the last two days we tried to teach every thing and commit to every commandment in the two days. Quite the adventure of 4 hours of lessons between 2 days. Also because I was one of the pushers for not immediately pushing her date back Shinno choro made me Senpai over her so I have been teaching her mostly with Kano choro and he just fills in where I screw up (which is kinda often). All of this didn:t quite get us to the end so she will probably still have her date pushed back but oh well. We tried, and she really is quite prepared just needs a little work on some areas.

H'san was awesome yesterday. Still just seeking truth. It was nice to have Shinno choro again. That man knows the scriptures like no ones business. Every question he says stuff like *I could answer this but lets do it from the scriptures, would you rather I use the Book of Mormon or Bible?* Still might not meet her date because we can:t meet much soon but definitely can get baptized soon.

Y'san, she:s a fun one. So between 2 promises that have been made all I can say is this. She has a concern with baptism, has connection with commandments, biggest problem is her overreaction to the problem, can get baptized pretty soon.

So I end my time with all these people and the bean will reap the wheat. Sigh. Pride stinks.

This week we have some awesome fun activities planned so that will be fun for the bean.

Eikaiwa(English class) started its new program that we created over the last little while this week......also should be fun for the new bean. ( I might be over it in Furukawa though)

Really I don:t know what to say this week, not a whole lot of this Aizu stuff has any relation to me anymore.

We often talk about the microlife thing you said. You are born not knowing anything, develop, have *children* of your own, children leave, you are put in hard situations, then you are *translated* (President outlawed the word *die*). People have even made family trees of their mission life. Sigh.

Holy cow Raychel is engaged, crazy!

What was wrong with Mandy:s old computer? Psh, no need for a new one. Whatever.

That:s all for now, hopefully will talk to you soon.