Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Far Away

Hello family.

So of course this isn:t our usual day for emailing but I figured I should send an email before the week was over. Anyway. Let us begin.

It twas awesome to be able to talk to all of you on Sunday! After the fact I realized I probably sounded like I was complaining a lot, sorry about that. Sometimes its nice and I can:t vent in Japanese very well so I kinda just exploded and rambled, basically what happens when I:m around English speakers now. No one that speaks English is ever going to like me again. Anyway. Still was awesome for me. And from everyone:s emails to me it sounds like everyone thinks I:m super sad. I promise I:m not. Yeah its disappointing to have a not awesome home Christmas and yes it just became a usual day but nevertheless this is what I:ve been called to. Definitely makes you learn that its not about the presents at all on Christmas. Still had quite an awesome Christmas with regards to presents and I;m super grateful for all the work that was put into them. But really not the same without the family too.

On to other stuff.

There was a lot of laughing in that call on Sunday. Not sure what people were laughing about.....

Something I have realized since getting here. I always thought missionary work was awkward with Shinno choro. Oh dear it has gotten much more awkward since then. Shinno choro really made it not awkward. The three companionship of three really made it that way too. Hopefully since thats over the awkwardness too will be gone.

My email address yep kinda long. At least it will be easy to know when i get transfered.

Also, if you ever feel like adding pictures to my camera card when you send it back to me I can now import them to my picture frame so we can up keep it that way.

So as for the last week. Not a whole lot to say but pretty good for the small amount of work we have been able to do.

Yamatani choro is an interesting one. I still can:t peg him down. I don:t know if he is lazy or a hard worker. At times he does nothing. Then at times he is so gungho it is crazy. However he really is a good teacher. Hopefully I can learn a little from his skills with teaching. More on him in future letters.

We get fed a LOT here. Like 4 times already. Probably is special because we are new missionaries and a missonary was leaving but still. Also we are getting fed on Sunday but that one is kinda required and if someone hadn:t offered Rasmussen Kaicho(President) was going to make the branch president do it but nevertheless pretty awesome. Good way to meet members too. So we spent Monday eating......yep about only that. Tuesday was spent sending off Ogita choro and district meeting, yesterday we had a lesson with an awesome woman! She had come to the christmas party here so we went to teach her, taught a good lesson 1 and she committed to be baptized. No date set but at least she is willing to do it if things work out so good prospects there. I:m excited about her. We also able to find 2 other possible investigators so thats good. This weekend we don:t have any time to do missionary work because of the end of the year celebrations they have here which for us means going to a buddhist shrine and cleaning our apartment. also means next week our pday is Tuesday so be warned of that. Sorry short today, I had fix this computer I am typing on. Hopefully more next week about.....well actually its really going to be about these celebrations probably but whatever.

Random request if possible; so when you send a copy of my mission call, if possible could you send a copy of mandy:s ministerial certificate.....Mine is in chinese characters therefore I can:t read it and I have always wondered what it says. Not important but for my own information maybe cool.

Well that is all for now. Love you all.