Monday, March 4, 2013

Lost in Kamisugi

Hm lets see what we have done this week. So this week we had two splits which are always half fun and half stressful. So Tuesday I did splits with a new district leader which is always a stressful position. We tried a few new things to see if we could get a new way to find investigators but for the most part it didn't quite work. I didn't want to give up too fast so we went to a different library to try and give a Book of Mormon but again it didn't work but this time we at least got them to consider changing the old version of the Book of Mormon for the new Book of Mormon. (I learned the Book of Mormon has been translated like 7 times in Japanese this week). Also we were able to set up a dinner with an LA boy to come to the young mens presidents house with another youth boy. Worked out awesome and way grateful for how much the members helped. It really only took two phone calls and like 10 minutes to get it all set up. Then splits with H choro in Kamisugi which was fun but I have never been so lost in my life. But we had a lot of fun together. He's way funny and we have some things in common so that was fun to talk about. Also the wind was way crazy. Maybe the strongest of my mission. Other than that not a whole lot happened this week to be honest. We were able to meet with O-san once this week but that was on splits and I wasn't there and apparently O-choro tried to get him to change his schedule to be able to come to church next week and he yelled at O-choro. Really not a whole lot to say about this last week. Just meh. Ha. What else. This week is zone leader council so again a busy week. Then I'm probably going to be doing a baptism interview this week with a Canadian so that will be interesting.....and in English. So whatever. Well I hope you all have a magical week. Talk to you later.